Other Dayton Episcopal Churches

The Dayton Deanery and the Dayton Five Rivers Deanery are no longer in existence,

but most of the parishes are still going strong.


Shown below is a map of where the parishes are currently located.


Locate a Parish



Click on any of the parishes in the former Dayton Deanery below to visit their website.

Note that St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church is now permanently closed.







Click HERE to see a summary of the October 22, 2011 Dayton Deanery Wardens’ Meeting.




Our Rector, Mike Kreutzer, was the Dean of the former Dayton Deanery.


The Dayton Deanery was created in 2002 by combining parishes located in the Dayton area from the previous Dayton East Deanery and Dayton West Deanery.