2005 Annual Meeting and More!

Many thanks to those who participated in these very special events…

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Kendall-1_An-Mtg.jpg (7800 bytes)

Kendall welcomes everyone to the Annual Meeting held January 30.

Mike_An-Mtg.JPG (41432 bytes)

Mike reviews the Annual Meeting agenda.

John_An-Mtg.JPG (40557 bytes)

John talks about the latest Diocese happenings.

Jim_An-Mtg.JPG (47352 bytes)

Our Stewardship Leader, Jim, thanks everyone for their generous contributions.

Don_An-Mtg.JPG (43543 bytes)

Our Treasurer, Don, discusses next year’s proposed budget plans.  Tighten your belts!



Rev-Jim_H_visit.JPG (46530 bytes)

St. Mark’s was pleased to have Rev. Jim Hanisian discuss the topic of Spirituality for our Adult Education class.

Rev-Jim_H_visit1.JPG (40364 bytes)

Here Rev. Hanisian quantifies how our outlooks change with age.