2005 December 18 Christmas Pageant

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Getting ready…

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Getting set…

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Angel chorus warming up!

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Is it time to start yet?

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Pep talk from Kaitlyn’s dad!

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Sophie’s halo gets last minute adjustments!

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Rebecca and Sophia in conference!

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Dynamic Duo!

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Our angelic choir prepares for their big performance

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Director Pat giving last minute instructions!

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What a great looking group of angels!

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Shepherds Brad and Jim bring the Good News!


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Everyone listens attentively!


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Angel Jen delivering the Good News!

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More Good News!


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What a great story!

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Can you believe it?!!!

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Deacon George plays the Roman soldier!

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I too, have a story to tell!

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People of Nazareth…


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Gwen makes heavenly music!

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The shepherds marvel at the news!

pageant-24.jpg (34090 bytes)

Lauren fill the church with her angelic voice!

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Colleen and Kelcie join in!

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Zach shares the Good News with fellow shepherds

pageant-28.jpg (34246 bytes)

Diane’s beautiful voice resonates throughout the Sanctuary!

pageant-29.jpg (40235 bytes)

Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus

pageant-30.jpg (33244 bytes)

Derek reads more Good News!

pageant-31.jpg (33559 bytes)

Kaitlyn sings of the arrival of our Lord Jesus

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More angelic choirs

pageant-33.jpg (53844 bytes)

And more…

pageant-34.jpg (55695 bytes)

And more…

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The shepherds gather with their flocks


pageant-36.jpg (57924 bytes)

Angelic hosts

pageant-37.jpg (54339 bytes)

Singing praises to God

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Angel twins Mark and Micaela