2006 Care House Gazebo Project

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Care House was created especially for children living in very difficult family situations.

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This is a photo of the actual facility located just across the street from Children’s Medical Center.

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Children’s Medical Center

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The gazebo after many hours of scraping off old, flaking paint and covering with a coat of primer.

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Dave and Tony’s “Workmobiles!”

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After painting the roof white, the fun begins with the color coats.

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Here is the gazebo after the white and blue coats.

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It was Tony’s idea to add the yellow accent stripes emanating from the center of the gazebo’s roof.

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Here’s a view of the roof.  Dave had the privilege of being the “roof man!”

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Tony finishes painting the floor.

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The finished product!

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Inside details looking up!

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Inside details looking down!

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The red sill plates add the finishing touch!  All of the paint was donated by MAB Paints located on South Patterson Boulevard.

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The weather was very cooperative on all occasions!  Dave is happy with the progress.

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Tony gets stuck with cleanup patrol!

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Here’s the finished product as seen from the front sidewalk.


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Here’s another view as seen when approaching from the south.

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Finally, the view from across the street.