2006 St Mark’s Annual Parish Picnic in the Park!

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The venue for the picnic was the beautiful Indian Riffle Park.  The weather was picture perfect!

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God’s flock is gathered together!

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The wonderful group “Justus” provided the inspiring music for our picnic of praise!

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The service begins…

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Mike and George prepare for the Holy Eucharist.

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The congregation participates in the service.

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Lift your voices to the Lord!

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Mike offers the blessing.

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Mike distributes the bread…

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While Deacon George and Bill distribute the wine.

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Ruby receives Holy Communion.

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Distribution of the bread and wine continues.

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Justus inspires us!

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After the service, our grillmeisters make ready!

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Tony and Vic take a breather as the smoke continues to pour out of the grill!

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Thanks to the many dishes contributed by all, everyone is blessed with delicious offerings.

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Everyone enjoys the food and companionship!

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Time to eat!

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The kids take a breather to pose for the camera!

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More food!

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George explores desserts while Deacon George looks on!


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The Webster’s enjoy the family get-together.


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Zack just headed the soccer ball!  (Oops, the soccer ball is missing from the photo… slow photographer!)