December 30 St. Mark’s Annual Christmas Pageant!

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  • Our Christmas Pageant

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The children sit in front of their Heifer poster.  They raised money for this organization to help feed the world!

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Amy helps Sophie get ready!

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A little practice before the pageant starts!

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Micaela gets her wings!

IMG_0559r.jpg (57790 bytes)

The angels are ready to go!

Our young adult readers are ready!


Erica reads her part!

And so does Kelcie!

Deb and Eric are Mary and Joseph!

Kneeling by Baby Jesus!

There was no room at the inn!


Lauren reads her script!

The angels join in!

Singing loud Hosannas!

A close-up of two of our precious angels!

And here’s two more!


Justin reads his part!

Colleen is ready at the microphone!

The angels sing out loud!

More angels!

Kaitlin does a great job reading her part!


As does Kelcie again!

IMG_0564r.jpg (41345 bytes)

Don’t forget Zack!  He’s also a fine narrator!

The angels and readers get together!

More angels and more readers!

IMG_0577r.jpg (47516 bytes)

Janet, Kendall, and Ruby watch as their angels peform!


IMG_0584r.jpg (51063 bytes)

Father Mike thanks everyone for their fine performances!

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And thanks be to God!

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St. Mark’s says farewell to Diane as she heads to her new career!

IMG_0587r.jpg (51196 bytes)

Our beautiful Christmas banner!