September 9 St. Mark’s Annual Picnic!

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  • Worship and Picnic in the Park Basement

  • Due to soggy grounds, our picnic was re-directed!
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IMG_0401r.jpg (42041 bytes)

Luke, Laura, Diane, Brad, Bridgett, and Mary entertain us in the basement!

IMG_0404r.jpg (44202 bytes)

Mike and George in their decorative garbs!

IMG_0408r.jpg (50337 bytes)

Another photo of our music maestros!

IMG_0409r.jpg (38535 bytes)

Luke, Laura, and Diane sing out to God!

IMG_0410r.jpg (52470 bytes)

Bridgett and Mary play to his glory!

IMG_0411r.jpg (72874 bytes)

Smoking permitted outside the building!


IMG_0412r.jpg (69906 bytes)

Vic gets the burgers and hot dogs ready to eat!

IMG_0413r.jpg (61950 bytes)

The rest of the family joins in!

IMG_0414r.jpg (45787 bytes)

The young ladies have a pow-wow!

IMG_0415r.jpg (37858 bytes)

I’m starving! Just give me some food!

IMG_0416r.jpg (49624 bytes)

Okay, says Joe, “I’m happy now that I’ve had some of the delicious lunch!”


IMG_0417r.jpg (38805 bytes)

St. Mark’s is blessed to have two wonderful young people like Diane and Brad!

IMG_0418r.jpg (45097 bytes)

This is how we do it in the basement when it’s time to eat!

IMG_0419r.jpg (41284 bytes)

This sure looks good!

IMG_0420r.jpg (45432 bytes)

Judy says hello to John and Ruby!

IMG_0421r.jpg (50509 bytes)

Pat, TJ, and Jenna join the music group at their table!


IMG_0422r.jpg (58224 bytes)

George and Kendall discuss something important!

IMG_0423r.jpg (53462 bytes)

Anyone for more chips?

IMG_0424r.jpg (38552 bytes)

Boy these chips really taste good!

IMG_0425r.jpg (41215 bytes)

Do you think this will go with my Yard Sale outfit?!