March 23 Easter Sunday at St. Mark’s.

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The parishioners at St. Mark’s celebrated a joyous Easter Vigil, complete with the ringing of the bells to highlight the resurrection of our Lord, followed by a wonderful Easter Sunday Morning celebration.

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The Sanctuary at Easter

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The Procession

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The Procession

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Mike addresses the congregation

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He has risen!

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A view our Easter cake baked by our very own Deacon George

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Everyone knows what this mean… Coffee Hour is getting close!

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Easter Morning, 2007!

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Deacon George busy at work cutting the cake he baked for us!

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Janet, Madeline, and Kendall enjoy Coffee Hour and fellowship

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Don and George join in the conversation

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John and Vickie sharing a funny thought!

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Justin and Sawyer having fun while the Apple family enjoy themselves!

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The Kreutzers have a pleasant conversation with Diane and Laura

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Janet and Madeline in their Sunday finest!