February 24 St. Mark’s Annual Pancake Supper.

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  • Our Annual Pancake Supper

  • Thanks to Hay and Katherine for such great shots!

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The gang gets ready in the kitchen!

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I’m not waiting any longer!  Let’s eat!

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OK girls, thanks for helping in the kitchen and now it’s your time to enjoy the delicious meal!

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OK, Bill, time to pay up!

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George, have you been to the Leaning Tower of Pisa lately?!

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Mike and parishioners gather round for conversation!


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Gwen and Mike both agree the pancakes are great?

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OK Gabe, you’re still a little too young for pancakes and sausage!

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Deacon Mary gives Jim some good advice!

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Who says boys don’t communicate!

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The Treasurer is wondering how much these pancakes are going to cost us!


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He Dad, when can I have some pancakes and sausage?!

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Kelcie gets a little motherly advice!

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The two Jims and Ellen strike up a conversation!

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Reach a little deeper Dave, you’re not at home now!

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Look Mom, Grandpa is actually paying for something!

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We all know that Deacon George loves little children!  And it shows!

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Gary loves those pancakes as the Browning enjoy the meal!

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I know you paid Dave, but you can stop eating now.  Everyone else has!

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I did it all by myself!

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Hey Kirby, listen to your mother… these sausages are delicious!

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Is there any more left?

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No we don’t like to work here… we love it!

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A view from the inside out!

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First, you put some batter in the blender…!

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Rob, Eva and the girls had a great time!

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You just told grandma you put what in the pancake mix???

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These pancakes are so light I have to watch they don’t fly away!

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The smiles on their faces say it all!

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And more of the same here as witnessed by Deacon George and his flock!