August 14 Annual YARD SALE!

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  • Our annual YARD SALE !!!

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Rob’s a “Movin’ Machine!”

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Yikes!  I just saw what we were selling this year!

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If you think installing table cloths are funny, have I got one for you!!!

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Mike pitches in with the morning’s set-up activities!

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Bill says, “You light up my life!”

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St. Mark’s even has a great band this year to put buyers in the mood!

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How could you not buy toys from these guys!

23r.jpg (49334 bytes)

Laura sorts through the clothes pile!

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Hot dogs anyone?!

26r.jpg (52913 bytes)

Ruby scouts for the next sale!

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You should have seen the one that got away!

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These guys have too much spare time on their hands!!!

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I’m forever blowing bubbles!

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Do you think anybody will come today!


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The END!  (This is how our day ended… very wet and very happy with all the sales we made!)