May 23 Pentecost Combined Service at St. Margaret’s

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  • Our Deanery Combined PENTECOST SUNDAY Service at St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church

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Mike and Kelcie!

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Kelcie with her Pentecost banner!

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Juanita and daughter Lisa!

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Mike opens the ceremonies with Provost, Randy Young.

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Helen and Judy sing praises to the Lord as part of the combined choir.

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Don’t forget Don and Jim either!

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Gwen and Kelcie participate in the ceremonies!

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The splendor of St. Margaret’s and the Dayton Deanery in a combined service!

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I think Elizabeth knows her mother is taking this photo!!!

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Many congratulations Erica on your confirmation!

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Steve and the girls enjoy the day!

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Micaela is also enjoying the ceremonies!

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The Bishop and his Dayton Deanery flock!

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Jim and Bill!

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Elizabeth processes out with the Crusifix.



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Helen sings with the choir at the closing hymn.



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Mike and Dave process out at the end of the service.