September 12 Praise and Picnic in the Park!

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  • Praise and Picnic in the Park !!!

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Jim says the Ushers are ready!

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Worship begins.

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Mike is leading the service.

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Let us pray.

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Pat reads from Scripture.

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Gabe and Jenna take a little stroll in the beautiful park.

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Percy and his boys!

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Hay reads from the Scriptures.

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Happy Birthday Jim!

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Bill, Ginny, and the girls!

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Mike prepares for communion.

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Let us bless the Lord!

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Holy Communion.

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God bless you.

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Holy Communion.

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Holy Communion.


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After our worship, it’s time to think about the picnic.  Mike and Tony on the grill!

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The food is absolutely delicious!

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Don’t lick your fingers, Laura!


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Ed and Carolyn enjoy their lunch!


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Matt and Justine enjoy the cuisine.  Going back for seconds, Matt?