May – August: St Mark’s Softball

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  • St. Mark’s Softball !!!

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DSC08698_tj-r.jpg (45006 bytes)

TJ gets a key hit!

DSC08699_jose-paul-r.jpg (50946 bytes)

The right side of the infield is ready!

DSC08701_jim-tony-r.jpg (53001 bytes)

Jim pitches another strike!

DSC08703_team-r.jpg (63179 bytes)

The team looks on from the sidelines!

DSC08704_dbl-play-r.jpg (69786 bytes)

Our star infield sets up a double play!

DSC08907_tony-r.jpg (49382 bytes)

Tony is ready!

DSC08908_on-base-r.jpg (48528 bytes)

Tony got a hit!

DSC08909_rob-r.jpg (50332 bytes)

Rob at bat!

DSC08913_dave-r.jpg (50864 bytes)

One of our lefties, Dave, at bat!

DSC08916_mike-r.jpg (53274 bytes)

Speedster Mike ready to hit the ball!

DSC08919_loren-r.jpg (48069 bytes)

Lauren ready to swing the big stick!

DSC08927_eric-r.jpg (46479 bytes)

Eric at bat!

DSC08934_eva-r.jpg (53247 bytes)

Eva is ready for the big pitch!

DSC08936_defense-r.jpg (36495 bytes)

Jim checks his defense!

DSC08961_brian-r.jpg (46727 bytes)

Brian at bat!

DSC08967_eric-on-base-r.jpg (30934 bytes)

Eric sure looks pleased with his single!

DSC08968_brook-r.jpg (51799 bytes)

Thanks to Brooke for subbing for our ladies!

DSC08984_sidelines-r.jpg (60724 bytes)

The team looks on intently!

DSC08985_jim-score-r.jpg (37535 bytes)

Jim scores!

DSC09001_loren-on-base-r.jpg (34154 bytes)

Lauren is ready to run!

DSC09024_congrats-r.jpg (50131 bytes)

Congrats to the other team for a well-fought game!

DSC09030_tracy-r.jpg (86491 bytes)

Tracy gives the team one of his classic “St. Mark’s Softball” speeches!

DSC09031_prayer-r.jpg (56312 bytes)

Let us pray!

DSC09034_tracy-mgr-r.jpg (44599 bytes)

Tracy contemplates the best strategy for our team!

DSC09175_reggie-r.jpg (67144 bytes)

Reggie beats out another hit!

DSC09176_fans-r.jpg (86767 bytes)

Our great fans!

DSC09177_fans-1-r.jpg (115079 bytes)

More of our great fans!

DSC09178_sidelines-1-r.jpg (90033 bytes)

From the sidelines!

DSC09181_dave-save-r.jpg (31914 bytes)

Dave leaps and grabs a line drive!

DSC09183_sidelines-2-r.jpg (83374 bytes)

The team reviews our last game!

DSC09186_group-pic-r.jpg (91694 bytes)

Team photo!

DSC09198_jose-score-r.jpg (49058 bytes)

Jose rounds third base!

DSC09201_rob-bat-r.jpg (72593 bytes)

Rob gets a big hit!

DSC09202_jim-run-r.jpg (53600 bytes)

Jim is on his way to third base!

DSC09204_tony-bat-r.jpg (84236 bytes)

Tony’s big bat connects as Eric pinch-runs!

DSC09209_easy-out-r.jpg (44796 bytes)

Easy out!

DSC09214_tony-snag-r.jpg (47215 bytes)

Tony scoops one at third!

DSC09222_loren-run-r.jpg (54362 bytes)

Here comes Lauren around third base!

DSC09224_loren-score-r.jpg (65560 bytes)

And she scores!

DSC09230_kim-run-r.jpg (56342 bytes)

And now Kim is rounding third base!

DSC09236_brian-leap-r.jpg (44263 bytes)

Brian leaps and steals a hit from our opponent!

DSC09237_jim-catch-r.jpg (67862 bytes)

Jim plays some defense at home plate!

DSC09238_paul-catch-r.jpg (53594 bytes)

Paul has this one under control!

DSC09243_rob-run-r.jpg (37139 bytes)

Rob rounds first base after another hit!

DSC09252_mike-run-r.jpg (32319 bytes)

Our speedster, Mike, makes it all the way to third base!

DSC09257_runner-trapped-r.jpg (51349 bytes)

Tony and Paul trap the runner between second and third base!

DSC09258_jose-catch-r.jpg (45173 bytes)

Jose stretches for the out!

DSC09259_game-over-r.jpg (74321 bytes)

Game over… happy campers!

DSC09264_kim-bat-r.jpg (34294 bytes)

Kim at bat!

DSC09272_shake-hands-r.jpg (80566 bytes)

We line up to congratulate the opposing team!