Sunday, May 16, 2010: “The Old Testament: Deuteronomy: Chapters 29-34”

St. Mark’s Adult Education Meeting Summary
A General Overview of the Old Testament
An In-Depth Discussion Led by The Rev. Mike Kreutzer
Sunday, May 16, 2010


The Old Testament — Deuteronomy: Chapters 29 – 34


Chapters 29 – 30 discuss the making of covenants from the beginning of the story until now.  It also gives the covenants to be followed for future generations.  The Lord took care of the Israelites for forty years.  This book was written about 700 years later.  It explains why things happened, both the evil and the good.  The Israelites are in exile in Babylon and the temple was destroyed by this time.  The message was, however, if you obey the Lord, you will prosper again.


In Chapter 31 Moses gives charge to the people as he is now 120-years-old and is getting ready to die.  He notes that the Lord will go with you across the Jordan and Joshua, your new leader, shall cross as well.  Then Moses gives charge to Joshua commanding him to go with the people and the Lord will be with you as well.  Moses then gives charge to the priests and Levites noting that the covenants need to be read to the people every seven years.  Finally at the end of the chapter there is a commissioning to Joshua again.


Chapter 32 is the Song of Moses.  The first part discusses the history of Israel and what will happen to it in years to come.  Finally, Moses is ready to go up Mount Nebo where he will prepare to die as the Lord had commanded him.  He also told Moses that since he failed to obtain the holiness of the Israelites, he shall not be allowed to enter the promised land, but only view it from afar.  The end of the chapter discusses some of the various tribes and their relative importance.


The final portion of Deuteronomy, Chapter 34 is the conclusion of the book.  It discusses the death of Moses and the taking up of the reins by Joshua.  The Lord took Moses up and showed him the land.  He was 120-years-old when he died.  No one knows where he is buried, somewhere in the land of Moab.  The Israelites now followed and obeyed Joshua.  The last three verses give an assessment of Moses, describing him as the unequaled servant of the Lord.