Sunday, Feb 20, 2005: “Resurrection: Interpreting the Easter Gospel; Chapter 2”

St. Mark’s Adult Education Meeting Summary
Resurrection: Interpreting the Easter Gospel, by Rowan Williams
Chapter 2: “Memory and Hope: Easter in Galilee”
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Discussion Led By Mike Kreutzer
Sunday, February 20, 2005


GROUP DISCUSSION:  Reading and interpreting the book continues to be very challenging!  We are born into a violent culture with original sin.  However, there is forgiveness and hope that transfigures into hope eternal.  Referring to the 21st chapter of John, the disciples go back to the beginning before they met Jesus.  There is a new beginning but after the resurrection.  Jesus is exemplified by the net full of fish.  At the feast upon the shore, Peter now tells Jesus that he loves him three times.  This is in comparison to his three-time denial just before Jesus’ death.  We must acknowledge and deal with the past and then learn how to transform it to the present.  What is meant by remember?  The same event can be remembered differently by different groups.  For example, the French and Germans each “remember” World War II differently.  Peter must learn to live and deal with his past.  Recovering alcoholics do great things.  We grew up in a prejudiced society against blacks.  We can now look back and recognize that that is where we came from.  The section on the Eucharist was found to be most interesting, a juxtaposition of past and present.  We learn to accept the past and present of the rejection and resurrection.  In a sense, we do the equivalent of betraying Jesus today.  There is also the connection of Saul to Paul.  Paul defends his ministry, else Christ died for no purpose.  Another example is the 12-step group which help people recover from various afflictions.  It can be very difficult to reach out to those in need.