Sunday, Apr 05, 2009: “Christian Households: The Sanctification of Nearness: Ch 6,7,&8”

St. Mark’s Adult Education Meeting Summary
Christian Households: A Sanctification of Nearness
A Study Led By Rev. Michael Kreutzer and Rev. Deacon Mary Slenski
Sunday, April 5, 2009


Chapters 6, 7, & 8:


“Familiar Disciplines and the Moral Life,” “Same Sex Unions,” and “The Gift and Heritage of Children”  


These chapters were discussed by the group with comments to follow:


The needs of the family parallel the needs of the wider world.  How did the author arrive at the list in chapter six?  How do non-Christian households relate to those things?  If they follow the guidelines, even non-Christian households demonstrate holiness.  Loving you neighbor as yourself comes from many traditions.  The question about the couple who do not have any children seemed like a strong statement.  Of course, there are many couples who want children, but are unable to have them.  Can one conclude then that nearness, non-abusiveness, commitment, etc. are more important than sexual orientation?  The word “neighbor” has a precise definition.  There was also much to be discussed about the monastic model but not much said about single person households.