Sunday, Mar 22, 2009: “Christian Households: The Sanctification of Nearness: Ch 1&2”

St. Mark’s Adult Education Meeting Summary
Christian Households: A Sanctification of Nearness
A Study Led By Rev. Michael Kreutzer and Rev. Deacon Mary Slenski
Sunday, March 22, 2009


Chapters 1 & 2:


“Why Live Together” and “Jesus and the Embrace of Nearness”


The first two chapters were discussed by the group with comments to follow:

The chapters were somewhat difficult to read.  A similarity to John Wesley’s old sermon that sin is relational:  collusion vs. cooperation.  The background is very philosophical.  Then the definition of a household was discussed.  It was defined by two or more people living together whether freely chosen or not!  Living in mutual respect.  It was noted that this type of relationship can occur among non-Christians as well.  We should strive to respect all people to the glory of God and promote communion with one another.  Individualism:  historical but also part of contemporary thinking.  Relationships in which one is free to come and go does not promote commitment.  There can be various household relationships.  Patriarchal types do sometimes work very well.  Shared relationships can also be confrontational.  Free choices for children can pose difficult situations.  It seems normal to have some type of “power struggle” within households.  In regards to marriage counseling, many answers  may not be right or wrong, but they have to be answers you can live with.  One example, is separate vs. single checking accounts.