Hunger Sunday


The THIRD SUNDAY OF THE MONTH is our regular monthly

“Hunger Sunday”

Please remember to bring in 

non-perishable food items to be 
donated to the Food Pantry at 
St. Paul’s Methodist Church.
Thank you for your generosity!


Items currently needed:

Canned beans, fruit, soups, vegetables

Boxed potatoes     Dry beans     Cereal

Boxed Mac ‘n’ cheese       Bagged rice


During May-July 2017 with your help,

St. Paul’s served 3806 meals at

Tuesday lunch & Saturday breakfast;

provided groceries to 1443 people

 for 21,645 meals ;

took in 7890 lbs of donated food and

5793 lbs of donated bread & pastries

through the Choice Food Pantry;

gave over 1500 pieces of used clothing

and household items to those in need,

 and made $747 for

the Outreach Ministry.


  Thank you for your generosity!