The Hunger Fund

  food-1– or –money


Groceries are always needed!

Canned soups/vegetables/fruits

Boxed potatoes, mac & cheese

Pasta and spaghetti sauce

Bagged rice & beans

Diapers, wipes, TP

Cereal, oatmeal

Drink mixes



In addition to supporting St. Paul’s UMC Food Pantry with groceries donated by our parishioners, we also send them monetary contributions.  If you would like to do this, either on a one-time-only basis or as part of your regular contributions, you can add this easily to your pledge check (specify the amount on the memo line), or  write a check to St Mark’s for the Hunger Fund/Food Pantry.  You can also put cash in a specially-marked envelope. These donations are sent to St. Paul’s quarterly, and are noted on your contribution sheet. Even a few dollars on a monthly basis will help!


If you’d like to continue providing groceries–that’s great! But this is another option for those who would like to contribute, but for whom bringing in extra bags to church can be difficult.


Either way, we (and St. Paul’s) thank you for your continuing generosity.


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