Announcements from 2003




Community Breakfast #1

Saturday, September 20


Community Breakfast #2

Saturday, October 18


Community Breakfast #3

Saturday, November 15


Community Breakfast #4

Saturday, December 20


St. Mark’s has decided it will host a Community All-You-Can-Eat buffet-style breakfast in attempts to raise funds for our Capital Improvement Projects.  These projects include refurbishing the lounge, strengthening our canopy supports, and building an outdoor shed for our lawn care equipment.

Joe Zglinicki, our Vestry Member and head of Building Maintenance, has graciously volunteered to head up this project.  To get the ball rolling, he needs at least five or six volunteers who are willing to roll up their sleeves and help with this community project.

Please give some serious thought to assisting Joe at helping St. Mark’s reach out into the Riverside and East Dayton communities, and prepare for some hard, but very gratifying work!

TIME:  9:00 AM til NOON

$5.00 for Adults and $3.00 for Children under 10.


What’s a “Trisagion”?


On the four Sundays of Advent, we are using a setting of the Trisagion instead of the “Lord, have mercy.”  The name is Greek, just like the Kyrie, since both are ancient prayers which are still used in the language in which the New Testament was written.  “Trisagion” means literally, “three times holy”; therefore, it is the equivalent of the Latin “Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus” or the English “Holy, holy holy.  It appears on page 356 of The Book of Common Prayer.




Altar Flowers


Donating altar flowers is a beautiful way to commemorate a meaningful event in your life.  As of now, we have nobody signed up to donate flowers for the remainder of July or the whole of October.  If you would like to mark a significant event in this way, or to give “just because”, please sign up on the list outside the office door.  Thanks!




The ladies of the Altar Guild would like to invite ALL interested people to serve on the Altar Guild.  Please consider volunteering for this important ministry.



Choir rehearsals start every fall.  If you like to sing, please consider joining us by contacting Ruby Webster.  We’d love to have you!



Parishioners in the Hospital


On April 14, 2003 new federal regulations went into effect prohibiting hospitals from contacting churches to inform them that members of their church have been admitted to the hospital unless the patient specifically requests and authorizes the call.


If you or someone you know enters the hospital and would like St. Mark’s to know about it, please call.  We have no other way of knowing.  Thank you!




The Primates of the Anglican Communion, i.e. those bishops who serve as the spiritual leaders of its 38 provinces, have issued a Pastoral Letter at their recent meeting in Brazil.  The letter celebrates our common prayer and witness, and addresses four areas of concern and opportunity for all of our churches.  Those areas are (1) the need for improved theological education for all church members, (2) the continued engagement of our churches in addressing HIV/AIDS, (3) the continued study of issues pertaining to human sexuality, and (4) a proposal for a gathering of both lay and clergy representatives from the entire Anglican Communion.


Copies of the letter are available on the ushers table at the rear of the church.  There is also a link to the letter on our parish web site, .



Update on Web Site Visitation !!!

Our new Ameritech web site has built-in tracking information to allow us to see how many visitors we have each day or each month.  Listed below is the most recent data showing the number of visitors for the months of January 2003 through November 2003.  It now appears we are averaging over 1,700 visitors per month, which calculates to over 50 visitors per day!


We hope to continue its growth, but most importantly, hope that in some small way it is serving the Lord’s purpose in spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. 



So, what’s in a name, anyway?

Lots, especially if it helps us get to know you better.  Would you take a minute to pick up your nametag from the wonderful nametag holder at our entrance and wear it during our service and coffee hour?  That way, we can get to know each other better, AND, our visitors and newcomers can get to know who we are.  We will provide baskets to retrieve your nametag on the way out, so all you need to do is…   –> wear your tag!


If you do not have a tag, please put your name on the “I Don’t Have a Nametag” list and we will supply you with one.  Thanks!



We need your help!


Our vestry would like to rejuvenate our Greeter Program — and this means, we need you!  If you are willing to serve as an ambassador of our parish, and can volunteer your time and smile once every month or two, please sign up on one of the sheets provided in the narthex or the bulletin board outside the office.  We will provide you with guidelines and everything else you need — you provide the cheerful personality and warm welcome.