St. Mark’s Classifieds

ARE YOU RECEIVING THE ST. MARK’S WEEKLY E-NEWSLETTER? If you are new to St. Mark’s and would like to receive the weekly newsletter with more detailed information about the parish and its ministries as well as articles from the wider church, email or call the church office to request to be added. It is sent out every Friday morning.


PRAYER LIST UPDATING: Please take a moment to review the prayer list insert and if you need to remove or add a name please email Rowena+ to do so.


CANDLE/FLOWER OPENINGS: The Eternal Light dedication ($5) and Altar Flowers ($30) remaining in October: Candle -10/23. This is a lovely way to honor a loved one or a special

occasion. The flower arrangement is yours to take home after the service. The signup sheet is located in the entry to the sanctuary (narthex) on the bulletin board.


THE REV. ROWENA MACGREGOR will be visiting her mother in NC during the first week of October. The Study of Luke will NOT meet on October 4 and Fr. Ben Speare-Hardy will be leading the Church Cracked Open Discussion Group on Wednesday, October 5 during Rowena’s time away. The church office will be closed Wednesday-Friday.


THE SUNDAY READINGS can be found at  The readings for next

Sunday, October 9 are: Jeremiah 29:1, 4-7, Psalm 66:1-11, 2 Timothy 2:8-15, and Luke 17:11-19Reading at least the gospel lesson in preparation for worship can be a useful spiritual practice.