St. Mark’s Vestry Counters’ Schedule


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Schedule for Counting St. Mark’s Offerings




  Dates                                                  Counters                     

  ——–                            ———————————————–    

January  7         Kendall Rubino and Jim Rudd

January  15        Mary-Anna Welch and Dave Reuter

January  22        Gary Welch and Dave Reuter

January  28        Tony Rubino and Jim Rudd


February  4        Janet Reuter and Tony Rubino


February  11       Gary Welch and Carol Nancarrow

February  18       Tony Rubino and Mary-Anna Welch

February  25       Carol Nancarrow and Janet Reuter

March  4           None, at St. Margaret’s

March  11          Carol Nancarrow and Kendall Rubino

March  18          Dave Reuter and Kendall Rubino

March  25          Carol Nancarrow and Jim Rudd


June  31,          Easter Vigil      none


Copies of this schedule will be posted near the office and in the Narthex.


If you or your partner cannot make a scheduled date, please coordinate a switch with another pair.

Please mark the change on the posted copy of this schedule near the office or tell Katherine.

Individual counter switches are permissible if a paired switch isn’t workable.  Please avoid spousal and audit team partnerships.

For other issues please call or e-mail Don.