Welcome to Our Community


Who Are We?

We are St. Mark’s Episcopal Church: a community of about 75 people, from all ages and backgrounds and religious traditions, who have come to know the presence and love of God in their lives. We believe that God is present and active in our world today, calling all people to the fullness of God’s life and God’s love. We come together each Sunday to praise and thank our Creator. We then go out in the name of Jesus Christ “to love and serve the Lord” by serving the needs of God’s people in the world.


Follow this link to our CALENDAR OF EVENTS to see and explore some of our recent activities.


How Do We Worship?

Our Sunday morning celebrations are based on the Bible and The Book of Common Prayer. The Prayer Book, as it is also called, draws on the Scriptures and the rich tradition of the Church going back to the time of the first Christians. Our celebration of the Holy Eucharist (“the Mass”) includes a Service of the Word of God and a Service of Holy Communion. In the first part, we listen to God’s word in the Bible, reflect on that word in the sermon or homily, then respond to that word in the creed and in offering our prayers to God. In the second part of our worship, we join in a great prayer of thanksgiving to God (the “Eucharistic Prayer”), then share in Holy Communion which, we believe, unites us more closely with God and with one another.


What about Christian Education?

We believe that Christian Education is a life-long endeavor. We offer Sunday School for those from toddlers through the 6th grade, a Youth program for our Junior and Senior High School students, and an Adult Forum to enable all our members to continue to grow in the knowledge and love of the Lord.


What is the Episcopal Church?

We are a communion of churches, united in a common faith. That faith is reflected in The Book of Common Prayer. Yet we see ourselves as blessed with a great variety of viewpoints on living that faith: we never ask you to check your minds at the door! We, along with other Anglican churches throughout the world, serve as a “bridge church” incorporating (what we believe is) the best of both the Catholic and the Protestant traditions.


How Can I Find Out More?

1) Come visit us any Sunday. We would love to share with you the joy that we have found in God’s life and love!

2) Help yourself to any of the literature on the Hospitality table just inside our sanctuary doors.

3) Give us a call at 256-1082.

4) Contact Church Admin directly by sending us an email:  parishadmin@stmarksdayton.org