St. Mark’s Vestry Minutes


St. Mark’s Vestry Meeting Minutes

Thursday, October 15, 2020


Interim Rector:  *Fr. John Agbaje

Wardens:     *Gary Welch (21)–Sr. Warden             *Katherine Wagner (21)–Jr. Warden


Jan. 2021 Term Exp.:      *Carol Nancarrow (21)               Tracey Swartz (21)

Jan. 2022 Term Exp.:        Susan Kendall (22)

Jan. 2023 Term Exp.:      *Kendall Rubino (23)                 Jenna Walch (23)

                Ex- Officio:      *Don Nancarrow-Treas.            *Dave Reuter-Sec.


                                    [* = indicates attendance]        (“xx”) = indicates individual term expiration

NOTES:  Copies of all materials passed out to Vestry members either before or during the meeting will be kept on file in the Church Office and are available for review.  The Senior Warden is in his third-year term and the Junior Warden is in her third-year term.  Both are permitted up to three one-year terms.


          “We gather for worship, education and mutual support;

     welcome all people; and serve the community in God’s name”

2020/21 Meetings:  Feb 20, Mar 19, Apr 16, May 21, Jun 18, Aug 20, Sep 17, Oct 15, Nov 19, Dec 17, Jan 21



I)    Call to Order and Appointments:  Gary opened the virtual meeting using Google Meet at 6:31 PM and announced that for this evening’s meeting the appointed Timekeeper was Carol and the Prayer Person was Gary.

II)   Evening Prayer (Gary):  Gary led the meeting with Evening Prayer.  After an opening prayer the service continued with a verse from Matthew (22:1-14), a closing prayer, and a final blessing.

III) Introductory Items

  1. Review / Approve Agenda (Gary): The agenda, emailed and distributed prior to the meeting, was reviewed and accepted with one amendment: Add V) E) Stewardship (Katherine).
  2. Joys and Concerns (All): The Vestry took time to review personal joys and concerns with each other.
  3. Minutes of Previous Meeting (Dave): Copies of the Vestry Meeting Minutes dated September 17, 2020 were distributed to the Vestry before the meeting. Carol noted that the following sentence in Section V) D) Christmas Project was incorrect and should have been deleted when the draft was sent out to each Vestry member.  “She was thinking we could use Amazon trucks to make the food deliveries.”  As there was no further discussion, Gary entertained a motion to approve the minutes as presented, which was so moved by Kendall and seconded by Carol.  The motion passed by voice vote unopposed.
  4. Treasurer’s Report (Don): The St. Mark’s Financial Summary for September 2020 (dated 11 October 2020), the Mark’s Treasurer’s Report for September 2020 (dated 7 October 2020), and the October Condensed 2020 Worksheet (prepared 10/12/2020) were distributed to each Vestry Member prior to the meeting. Don began by noting that September revenue exceeded expenses by $508.  This improved our surplus for the year to $5,280 (from surplus $4,277 in August), and $20,765 better than our approved budget deficit of $15,485.  $19,969 of the $21,084 late 2019 restricted contributions have been expended, leaving $1,115 unspent.  Don noted that our current positive budget status is partly from the more than expected closeout of our Syndicate 4 fund and also from our recent 50/50 $20,000 grant/loan from the Diocese.  September revenue of $18,362 was 12% more than the expectation for one month while September expenses of $17,857 were 1% above expectations.  Revenue year-to-date was $154,553 while expenses year-to-date were $149,274.  Combining that $11,419 better than expected with the $15,485 deficit budget now predicts a deficit of $4,065 at year’s end.  Twelve months at positive $5,280 for eight months predicts a surplus of $7,039 for the year.  The present surplus is $16,893 better than the $11,614 straight-line tracking to the $15,485 budget deficit.  As there were no additional questions for Don, Gary entertained a motion to accept the September Treasurer’s Report, which was so moved by Kendall and seconded by Gary.  The motion passed by voice vote unopposed.

INFORMATION: 1. Don requested a budget overrun approval of $3,333 up to $4,043 (from $1,070), for Group 14H to cover loan repayments.  The request was moved by Kendall, seconded by Gary, and approved by voice vote unopposed.

  1. Don requested $1,600 of the $5,236 from Syndicate 4 be designated to the Clergy Discretionary Fund (CDF). After some brief discussions Kendall moved to approve the request which was seconded by Gary and passed by voice vote unopposed.



  1. Documentation of Email Votes Taken Since Previous Meeting (Dave): Katherine sent out an email to the Vestry on October 6 requesting the Dwight Cass substitute for Gary to attend the Virtual Convention on November 7.  (Neither Alternates Mary-Anna Welch nor Megan Rubin were available as well.)  The request was approved unanimously by the Vestry.  Katherine has already submitted the necessary paperwork to the Diocese.  


IV) Continued Topics (Old Business)

  1. Priest-in-Charge Search Update (Kendall, Gary): Kendall noted that the recent news has been limited.  However, Chairman Jim Rudd noted that next week we will be receiving the name of our first candidate.  With Bishop Breidenthal’s recent absence, Bishop Price has been taking over the duty of candidate approvals.  The committee has been asked to gather their thoughts on what questions to ask and submit them to the group before their meeting next week.  Deacon William Sangrey (our visiting deacon and member of Diocesan Council) mentioned to Committee members and the Wardens that we should be ready to interview as soon as the name and contact information are available; the goal is to have a priest-in-charge chosen before Bp. Breidenthal’s retirement at the end of November.
  2. DSO Convention Video (Katherine/Gary): Katherine noted that there were no volunteers coming forth after last month’s request, but Elizabeth Wagner (with pictorial help from Katherine) composed a brief 16-second video that captures the essence of our St. Mark’s family. Many thanks to you both!  It was submitted to Tammie VanNoss of the DSO on October 15.
  3. Preparation for Indoor Services (Katherine): Eventually, once Montgomery County finally improves back to “orange” status, we will once again be able to meet inside. However, in the meantime, when we can no longer meet outside this winter, we are planning to have a livestream service that will be able to be reached on our Facebook site.  NOTE: Parishioners will not need to have a Facebook page in order to access the service.  Besides Fr. John as the celebrant, Donna will provide organ music and we will have scripture readers.  There will be no Eucharist.  Later we will consider setting up a Zoom Coffee Hour with detailed instructions sent out to all parishioners on how to join via Constant Contact.
  4. Webpage Revision Update (All): The group has yet to meet regarding scheduling an appointment with a web designer.
  5. Christmas Project (Carol): Carol has recently made contact with Crystal from Help Me Grow regarding getting new families identified for this year’s Christmas Project. She is working on logistics how to get groceries and toys and how to deliver them safely to the social workers.  One thought is that we could meet each one individually in a large parking lot with plenty of social distance.  She also noted that we may wish to include a $20 gift card for any missing groceries.  The Fred Stott money ($762) has been deposited in the Social Concerns account.  Those funds along with the money from the Yard Sale plus any additional donations will be more than enough to cover the project’s expenses this year.


V) New Business

  1. Resumption of Communion (Fr. John / Katherine): Detailed plans have been formulated by Katherine and Janet Reuter as to the safest way to distribute communion this upcoming Sunday. Janet has organized the wafers into multiple small bags so that only those needed will be opened.   John plans to wear both a mask and gloves.  There will be two cruets of water and wine and the priest host will be 4-piece sectioned and not 24.  Most importantly, Katherine pointed out that the wafer will be dropped into each parishioners hands.  They will carry the wafer back to their seats where they can lift their masks and consume the wafer.  Don has volunteered to paint the necessary lines on the ground to identify the various aisles.  Carol also suggested we could use the ciborium for the wafers in case it rain as it has a cover.
  2. Vestry Nominating Committee (Gary/All): The two Wardens, Carol, and Tracey are coming off this year from the Vestry. Carol noted that she may be running again so would not want to be on the Nominating Committee.  Jen Bonifas’ vacancy also needs to be replaced with a one-year term candidate.  The two Wardens might be interested in leading this activity.  The consensus was that Tracey would probably be member of the Committee but not wish to be the Chair.  Katherine noted that Janet has helped with this activity in past years and will contact her again to see if she will be willing to volunteer.
  3. Miami Valley Meals (Katherine): Katherine has been in touch with Jean Howat Berry of Community Services in regards to the recent federal grant they received of pre-cooked and frozen meals. Our church is covered under that program.  She asked Katherine if there was anyone at St. Mark’s who was not getting enough nutritious food every day.  At first she could not think of anyone, but then she recalled a family that might need some assistance.  She will discuss it confidentially with that family.
  4. Parishioner Financial Assistance (Gary/Katherine): One of St. Mark’s parishioners has been receiving some rent and food assistance part of this year. This is strictly a temporary need that will still be required for a number of months but then cease to exist.  This was the main reason monies were moved to the Clergy’s Discretionary Fund (CDF).  As usual, any matters related to the CDF will remain confidential.
  5. Stewardship (Katherine): The Stewardship Committee (Jim Rudd, Chair; Don Nancarrow, and Katherine Wagner) met last week to discuss this year’s campaign, which will have to be different due to the pandemic. The Stewardship Moments will be written this year instead of oral and will be distributed in our Constant Contact email.  Letters and pledge forms will be distributed this Sunday and mailed to those not in attendance.  More information will be forthcoming.  Katherine and Don felt the goals established this year were realistic.  Then there were discussions about the best way to drop off or scan and email the pledge forms to the office.  Normally signatures are required, but Kendall suggested in these COVID times that a simple email with the amount and whether envelopes are desired should suffice.  The Vestry seemed to agree with this thinking.
  6. Closing Items
  7. Suggested Assignments for Next Meeting (All): Appoint Chair of Nominating Committee (All); Priest-in-Charge Status (Gary/Kendall); Website Makeover (Jenna); Convention Summary (Katherine, Carol); Stewardship Status (Don); and Christmas Project Status (Carol).
  8. Closing Prayer (Prayer Person): Gary closed the meeting with a prayer.
  9. Adjournment (Gary): A motion was made by Kendall at 7:30 PM to adjourn.


Next Regular Vestry Meeting:  Thursday, November 19, 2020, at 6:30 PM in the Fellowship Room or on Google Meet.


        Timekeeper: Gary     Prayer Person: Katherine



                                                                                          Respectfully Submitted,

                                                                                          David F. Reuter

                                                                                          Vestry Secretary