2006 St Mark’s Softball Team in Action!

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Justin just havin’ fun!

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Justin, Tony, Diane, Steve, and Amanda “warm the  bench !”

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Missy poised for action at home plate!

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Dave and Jim guard the right side of the infield!

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Slugger Steve lookin’ good!

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Steve, Rob, Dave, and Tony “warm the  bench !”


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Missy says “I do!” to Brian’s proposal!  (literally!)

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Becca and significant other have fun on the sidelines!

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Kenny… the man with the golden bat!

100_0088s.jpg (79954 bytes)

Our fearless leader, Tracy!  (Pussycat in disguise!)

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Eva keeps the books!  (Our scorekeeper never looked so good!)

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Amanda relaxing before returning the field !

100_0091s.jpg (82294 bytes)

Diane keeps a keen watch on her opponents!

100_0092s.jpg (81292 bytes)

Shortstop Reggie (“the vacuum”) is ready to go!

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Coach Don and Manager Tracy plot our secret game strategies!

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Pitcher Jim looks awfully relaxed before the big game!


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Our cheerleading section: Judy, Carol, Laura, Eva, and Mark!  Go Team!

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St. Mark’s defense is ready for action!

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Here’s the left side of the diamond!

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Steve at bat!


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Steve posing on the sidelines!

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After the victory!

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More congratu-


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Still more!

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Team Photo 1!

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Team Photo 2!



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Team Photo 3!


100_0106s.jpg (56366 bytes)

Getting ready to pack up!