Capital and Other Improvement Projects – 2014

Capital and Other Improvement Projects at St Mark’s Episcopal Church

Status Summary, As Of September 2014


The list is in recommended priority order per Building and Grounds Committee, September 3, 2014.

Some old cost estimates are included for general sizing reference.

New estimates and quotes would be needed for pursuing any of these projects.


  1. Repave or Repair/Reseal Parking Lot: The surface has continued to deteriorate since consideration in 2003.  The lot has not been sealed for many years, probably more than 20.  Full option is to defoliate and clean out, patch and fill, repave, replace car bumpers, and do lines.  Alternative is defoliate, patch and fill, reseal, and lines.  Both get more expensive as more areas need patching.  The full option was estimated at $25,000 in 2003.  We then had an unsolicited bid of $5,500 for the alternative. 


  1. Handicapped Access: Install a pair of railings near the center of the chancel steps.  Several parishioners are struggling to go up to communion.  They seem to use the railings at the sides only when going back down.  These new railings would be separated sufficiently to maintain open view of the altar.  They could be made consistent with the present wood and aluminum décor.  Access to the Community Building is available through the church and options at that building were deemed excessive.


  1. Replace bathroom vent motor in Community Building: Our bathrooms often have bad odors.  Opening windows lets in hot air in the summer and increases our heating bill in the winter.  The system has not worked for at least 15 years.  Motor was turned on with any of the four bathroom light switches so present electrical connections should be assessed.  No permits were required in 2003 for repair or replacing motor or wiring.  A Montgomery County electrical permit was required then to change wiring or motor size.


  1. Install a floodlight to shine on our name and the cross on West part of South wall of Community Building. It appears outside electric power is available but controlling breaker must be determined.  Best option may be a high boom mounted on the same wall.  Running the electric line underground and mounting the light on Flowerama’s wall or on a post would leave fixture more subject to vandalism.  Latest technology of lights should be considered.


  1. Replace Boiler in Community Building: This boiler is original equipment, now 52 or 53 years old, but continues to function.  A new system would be more efficient.  An estimate in February 2004 for a dual boiler alternating operation system was $18,390.  A significant failure of the present system would require immediate action (movement to top of this list).


  1. Replace Windows in Community Building: Present windows are thermally poor.  The frames and panels are metal.  The windows are single pane.  Some of the metal panels have rusted significantly.  They are not particularly attractive.  New technology windows would increase comfort and reduce heating bills (and reduce electricity bills for window air conditioners).  However, this would be a major project as most window sets are integrated three-story units.  Structural/load-bearing status of these units must be determined.  Feasibility of replacing just the actual window sections at each level should be assessed.  Refitting room air conditioners must also be considered.  Montgomery County structural permit required if units are load bearing and permit would require plans with professional stamp.