We are compiling a list of emergency contract numbers for any parishioners who would like us to have that information.  There are two reasons we’re developing this list:


  • If we haven’t heard from or seen you in awhile, and haven’t been able to reach you by phone or email, we’d like to be able to contact someone you designate to make sure you don’t need any help. NOTE: we’re not going to call them if you just miss a few Sundays, unless we have no other way to find out how you’re doing.


  • If something happens at church where you need emergency assistance (falling on the ice comes to mind), it would be good for us to have a contact number on file, so we can let your designated person know what happened.


This information won’t be used outside the parish office.  If you’d like to participate, please provide information for your designated contact, including their name, phone number(s), and email address.


THANKS for helping us keep everyone safe!