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St. Mark’s Episcopal Church


Presiding Bishop: Michael Curry
Bishop: Thomas E. Breidenthal
Interim Rector: Dr. John Agbaje


2020-2021 Vestry

Senior Warden: Gary Welch
Junior Warden: Katherine Wagner
Vestry Members:

Carol Nancarrow , Tracey Swartz

Jen Bonifas, Susan Kendall

Kendall Rubino, Jenna Walch


Don Nancarrow (Treas.), Dave Reuter (Sec.)



Choir Director: Donna Larsen
Organist: Donna Larsen
Parish Administrator / Bookkeeper: Katherine Wagner
Sexton: Doug Plummer
Youth Education Coordinator: Carol Nancarrow 
Altar Guild Directress: Janet Reuter 
Webmaster: Dave Reuter

Web Technical Assistance:  Matt Kelly
Internet Technical Assistance:
 Dwight Cass
Lion’s Tale Editors:  Kendall Rubino and Lisa Darnell


Twelve Indicators of a Missional Church