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St. Mark’s facility consists of two primary buildings.  One is the Sanctuary (left) and the other is the Community Building (right).  Every Sunday we gather for Holy Communion in the Sanctuary.  All other functions including Sunday School, Adult Education, and Coffee Hour, are held in the Community Building.  Between the two buildings is our courtyard.  Although we do not have a fountain as is shown in this early architectural drawing of St. Mark’s we do have beautifully sculpted gardens which makes it a wonderful place to gather and also to meditate in quiet solitude.  Our two buildings are interconnected by a covered walkway so that parishioners may walk outdoors even in the rain!


Our Sanctuary was built in 1972.  It consists of three main areas.  The first is the Narthex or entrance area where people are greeted and where we keep useful information about our church such as brochures and name-tags.  There is also a small lounge area where parents can bring their children during the service.   The second main are is the Nave or main seating area.  This is, of course, the area where the congregation is seated during the church service.  Seating capacity is just over 200, but additional chairs may be set up in the rear of the church and in the Narthex, should the need arise.  Finally, the third area is the Altar area (or some parishes still refer to this as the Sanctuary).






This is our Sanctuary as decorated for the Easter Season.









The magnificent stained glass window shown here adorns the North Wall of our Sanctuary.



Various photos taken from outside the Sanctuary.

The day-to-day work of the church is carried out in our Community  Building.  It is a spacious facility with two floors and a basement.  The basement, or sometimes referred to as our Parish Hall, has a large spacious room that is utilized for group functions.  Enough tables and chairs can be set up to accommodate the entire congregation.  In addition, a well-equipped kitchen and various storage areas round are also located at basement level.  The first floor contains the Church Office, the Lounge, the Choir Room, Children’s Chapel, and our handicapped accessible restroom.  The second floor is the location of our Sunday School Classrooms from pre-school through Senior High School.


Greetings from our Rector, Mike Kreutzer, as he sits at his desk in his office on the first floor of the Community Building, and takes a break from his busy schedule.  He would be delighted to meet with all new visitors and especially anyone interested in finding a permanent Church Home.
Here we see some of our pre-schoolers learning the lesson about Noah’s Ark.  Our classrooms, located in the Community Building,  are very spacious and well-lit.  They are a perfect place to learn about the Word of God, even at a very young age!



This photo shows how we make very good use of our large basement.  Here we see some of our teens and younger children enjoying themselves in the Parish Hall during a Halloween Party celebration.  The basement area is large enough to for these type of gatherings.  This room as well as some of our classrooms and the lounge area are also used by a number of social groups and volunteer organizations as part of St. Mark’s outreach program.  There is also a kitchen area adjacent to the hall which can be used for food preparation should the need arise.

The area shown here is the courtyard located between the Sanctuary and Community Building.  Every Easter, St. Mark’s Youth Groups hide eggs and goodies for the younger children in our beautifully maintained courtyard.


St. Mark’s is conveniently located at the corner of Woodman Drive and Burkhardt Road and serves East Dayton, Riverside, and Beavercreek communities.  We would love to have you come for a visit and get to know us better and to experience living in the Kingdom of God.