Volunteer Needs / Opportunities for Christian Ministry in Our Community



Contributions Needed for the Students of Kemp Elementary School

(Please place donated items in box in back of church.)

Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Book bags (large enough for many papers)

Boxes of crayons (8 colors only; no fluorescent colors, please)

Bottles of white liquid Elmer’s glue


Folders (with pockets)

2nd and 3rd Grades

Wide rule notebook paper (not 3-ring notebook)


Portfolio-type folders with pockets




White glue (small)



Colored pencils

5th Grade


Colored Pencils

Spiral notebooks

Pocket folders


Red pens

Glue sticks

Pencil bags

Packs of notebook paper

4th Grade


Books bags

Wide-ruled notebooks

Crayons (8, 16 or 24)


Large erasers

Pocket folders

6th and 7thGrades



Small rulers


#2 pencils

Glue sticks



Colored pencils


Steno or spiral notebooks

Folders with pockets


Loose-leaf paper

Small calculators

The school requests that we do not send binders, trapper keepers, school boxes, or pencil

sharpeners because they take up too much room in the desks. Thank you.




Abused Women and Their Children


The Artemis Center 310 West Monument Avenue, Dayton 45402   461-5091

jbishop@pcs1net.com www.artemiscenter.org

“The mission of Artemis is to provide early intervention and education to victims of domestic violence and their children and to provide resources to the community to identify and remove the societal factors that promote and allow the occurrence of domestic violence… “Volunteers serve a wide variety of key functions at Artemis. Whether you can help with clerical support, fundraising events, data entry, bulk mailing, direct services, or on our Sustaining Board, your time and energy can make a valuable contribution.”




Children’s Services


Montgomery County Children’s Services Volunteer Office                       276-1696


Montgomery County Children’s Services currently has the following needs for volunteers:

  • Visitation Cottage Monitor: “Volunteers help bridge interaction between children in protective custody and their families during visits. Typically, this would include playing with children until parents arrive, receiving parents or notifying caseworkers if visits do not occur..”
  • Special Friend: “Children need good role models. Sometimes the children we serve lack healthy, adult-child relationships. Volunteers are needed to help youth realize their own potential.”
  • Administrative Assistant: “The Agency has an immediate need for volunteers or clerical support or people- power for special projects.”
  • Resource Specialist: “Serve as a link between families and community resources. Volunteers can help families locate food, housing, clothing, furniture, and personal items.
  • Foster Care / Adoption Advocate: Volunteers can spread the word about the need for foster and adoptive families to provide homes for waiting children.
  • Special Events Volunteer: If you have a busy schedule, serving as a special events volunteer might be a perfect way to lend a helping hand. You may be asked to help serve refreshments, set-up, clean-up, or provide entertainment at events sponsored by the Agency, i.e., Adoption Picnic, or a Thanksgiving Service.”
  • Transportation Assistant: You many transport children and families to and from doctor and counseling appointments in your automobile. This ensures families make necessary appointments.” .Foster Parents for children of all ages, from infants through teens.





Disabilities, Persons with


Choices in Community Living, Inc. 1651 Needmore Road, Dayton                898-2220

Choices in Community Living Inc. provides supported residential living services for people with developmental disabilities. Volunteer Opportunities: Friend By Choice provides friendship to clients on an individual basis. Adopt- A-House volunteers adopt a home site for various projects monthly. Special Projects includes seasonal projects such as yard work, planting flowers, and raking leaves

Minimum age for volunteering: 16 Time frame desired: Days, Evenings

Day(s) preferred for service: Fri., Sat. and Sun. One time service opportunities: Yes


United Rehabilitation Services of Dayton 4710 Old Troy Pike, Dayton 233-1230


Work with adults and children with disabilities Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteer in daycare-play and read to the children. Work in the Library. Clerical services-answer phones, data entry, filing. Work one-to-one in Adult Program. Latch Key-play games or work on homework.

Minimum age for volunteering: 13 Time frame desired: Days

Day(s) preferred for service: Mon. -Fri. One time service opportunities: Yes (Special Events)






Canterbury Court (Episcopal Retirement Homes) 450 N. Elm Street, West Carrollton 45449


(please contact the chaplain, The Rev. Deacon Delores Witt)

Canterbury Court is a low-income housing facility, principally for the elderly. It is owned by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), but is administered by Episcopal Retirement Homes, an affiliated ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio. There is an immediate need for drivers: those willing to use Canterbury Court’s “courtesy car” or their own vehicle to transport residents to doctors’ appointments. Other volunteer needs are directed to improving the overall quality of life of the residents through social activities, special events, etc.

[John Webster has served as a member of the Board of Directors for Canterbury Court.  Mike Kreutzer is one of the volunteer clergy serving its residents.  They can provide you with further information.]


Life Essentials, Inc. 123 Riverside Drive, Suite 100, Dayton 45405                            586-0545

“…a network of caring volunteers dedicated to those who struggle to maintain a sense of health, companionship and dignity. Life Essentials provides opportunities for you to share in our volunteer efforts. Your gift of time will make a significant difference in the life of someone in need. Volunteer activities are available to fit your schedule, be it a few hours a month or several hours each week.”

  • Volunteer Caregivers: “Volunteers provide non-medical supportive services to frail, elderly and disabled adults who are trying to stay in their homes. Reading mail, providing relief to an in-house caregiver or sharing words of encouragement to someone alone are just a few examples of how our volunteers are making a difference.”
  • Guardianship: “Volunteers offer care and compassion, and improve the quality of life for those without family or friends to assist them with health decisions-and living arrangements. Volunteers develop a caring relationship by visiting on a regular basis. Acting as an advocate the volunteer is able to protect their rights and well-being. Staff provides complete training and on-going support.”
  • Chums: “Chums volunteers provide friendship, social support, and advocacy for those who are over 55 years of age and coping with mental health issues. Typical activities are going for walks, shopping, sharing a meal, or visiting over a cup of coffee. One hour each week can enrich someone’s life by offering companionship and encouragement.”





Employment Work Preparedness and Skills


Workplace ReConnections Dakota or Jan                                                               220-9194


“This ministry serves unemployed, underemployed and distressed workers in an interfaith environment… Services – included: spiritual support, referrals for needed services, connections to employment and training opportunities… Volunteers are needed who are caring and compassionate listeners willing to share their time and talent to benefit workers experiencing spiritual, emotional, relational and financial challenges resulting from work transition.

Volunteers provide support, assist with goal clarification and make referrals for needed services. They may also assist with office work. (Assist with client intake, documentation and follow-up. Office Assistant-answer phone, make photocopies, assist with mailings. Special events. Fundraising.)

Minimum age for volunteering: 21

Time frame desired:  Days                           Day(s) preferred for service: Mon.-Fri.


Clothes That Work The Job Center,             1133 S. Edwin C. Moses Blvd., Dayton             222-3778                             www.clothesthatwork.org

“CTW provides business appropriate clothing to women transitioning from welfare to work. On her first visit our customer spends about an hour with a wardrobe consultant selecting an interview outfit, shoes, hoses and accessories. You can almost see the transition in the mirror as these ladies come out of the dressing room and see their new image in mirror. Their eyes brighten, their posture improves and often for the first time, they see themselves as a career woman ready to take on the world.

“Once a customer has gotten a job, she’s invited back to get two more outfits to mix and match with her original interview suit. Customers are also encouraged to attend our series to learn skills to help them balance work/family life, 1e!lrn about financial management and so many other skills necessary to attain self-sufficiency. Women are referred to CTW! by an array of partners including government agencies, homeless shelters, domestic violence centers, vocational schools and job training programs.” Voluntccr needs:

  • Wardrobe consultant– “Become a personal shopper, assisting customers select the perfect interview suits.
  • 2nd Saturday Volunteer– “help during our monthly intake day sorting and organizing clothing donations.”




Homeless Persons


The St. Vincent Hotel 212 West Fifth Street, Dayton               461-7837


“Our food pantry is currently looking for volunteers to interview clients and to help aged and infirm clients carry

groceries out to their cars on tile third and fourth Wednesdays of each month. Volunteers are also needed to stock shelves on second Saturdays. Hours for all these activities are 9:30 am to noon. Call Dawna at 461-7837 for information.”

“Volunteers are needed at the Thrift Store Monday thru Saturday to sort and hang clothing. Call Karen at 222-5555.

There is also a wide range of volunteer opportunities and times available at the St. Vincent Hotel. For more information call Dawna at 461-7857.”  Volunteer Opportunities: Cooking or serving breakfast or dinner, folding laundry, sort clothing work in clinic, Dorm assistant for men & women, filing, answering phones or light clerical


Minimum age to volunteer: 17                                                     Time frame desired: Days, evenings

Days preferred:                                                                         All One time opportunities: Yes








Children’s Medical Center One Children’s Plaza, Dayton                            641-3333

dneely@cmc-dayton.org www.cmc-dayton.org

The Children’s Medical Center is a private, not-for-profit hospital serving children from birth to 19 years of age. Volunteer Opportunities: Greeters -greet and direct patients and families; Gift Shop -clerk, display, pricing;

R.O.A.R.- Re.1Ch Out And Read to children waiting for outpatient appointment; Outpatient Surgery -Assist with families and paperwork; Clerical- a variety of opportunities

Minimum age for volunteering: 15                                             Time frame desired: Days, limited evenings

Day(s) preferred for service: Mon.-Fri.; limited weekends            One time service opportunities: No “


Other Hospitals in Our Area

There are a variety of needs in all area hospitals, ranging from staffmg the information desk, transporting patients to tests in other hospital departments, delivery of mail and flowers, etc. For further information, please contact any of our area hospitals.


Dayton Heart Hospital


Good Samaritan Hospital


Grandview Hospital


Green Memorial Hospital


Kettering Medical Center


Miami Valley Hospital


Southview Hospital


Sycamore Hospital


Wright-Patterson Medical Center







House of Bread P. O. Box 60277, Dayton, Ohio 45406               274-8583


The House of Bread provides a well-prepared and nutritious meal in a safe and quiet environment to anyone who shows up at our door. Volunteer Opportunities: Prepare and serve a meal for someone who is hungry. Tutor children who are seen at the nutrition site. Mentor “one-on-one” at Saturday morning program. Office work.  Pickup and/or delivery person to nutrition sites.

Minimum age for volunteering: 14                     Time frame desired: Days

Day(s) preferred for service: Mon.-Fri.                   One time service opportunities: Yes

[Hayward and Betsy Jones are experienced House of Bread volunteers, and can provide you with further



St. Paul’s United Methodist Church 101 Huffman Av, Dayton 45403                252-4467

www.stpauldayton.org               office@stpauldayton.org

“Meals for Many”:            Tuesday Community Lunch: preparation, serving, cleanup

Saturday breakfast: preparation, serving, cleanup

[Last year, 11,000 meals were shared.]

Volunteers are needed also for the Tot Time Program and the Young Peacemakers programs

Tot Time: “Preschoolers have for many years enjoyed the wonderful skill of our trained teachers. We have two groups of fifteen persons who meet three days a week. Meals are provided at each session.”

Young Peacemakers: “Almost 30 first- to sixth-graders meet in age-level groups two or three times weekly. A number of staff are involved in providing after-school programming including tutoring, recreation, crafts, and stories. A number of college students from local institutions are also involved in this work with neighborhood children. Meals and snacks are provided at each session.”





Literacy, Adult


Miami Valley Literacy Council 18 West First Street, Dayton            223-4922


Volunteer Opportunities: Adult Literacy Tutor-provide one-to-one tutoring for adults reading below the 6th grade reading level. Certified Literacy Tutor for Youth-provide tutoring for children in elementary schools across the community. Reading Volunteer for Youth-provide reading support for children in elementary schools across the

community. Receptionist- Answer phones, monitor the office, answer questions of students and tutors using the

learning center. Data Clerk-input data from student, tutor files and progress reports. Other opportunities available.

Minimum age for volunteering: 16 (Youth groups with younger members are accepted occasionally after screening)

Time frame desired:  Days, Evenings, Nights               Day(s) preferred for service: All days

One time service opportunities: Yes





Literacy, Children


Miami Valley READS Laura Mlazovsky                    512-5201


Miami Valley READS “the local implementation of the statewide OhioReads program, recruits and places volunteers into 49 local elementary schools. This program is making a difference for the 1800 children that have received tutoring. Pre- and post-test data submitted by the schools shows that students tutored last year as part of the program gained an average of 123% over the course of one year. And ‘average’ student is expected to gain 100% during that time.”

[There are currently 49 elementary schools in our area who are being helped by Miami Valley READS volunteers; a list of them is available in the church office. Several of our parishioners currently volunteer in area schools:  Gary Browning in the Beavercreek School District, Mike and Judy Kreutzer in Dayton, Bill and Ginny Tuxhorn in Kettering, and Janet Reuter in Mad River. They can tell you more about the joys of helping our children. ]





Respite Care


The Respite Care Program Respite Care Services               223- 7217, ext. 114

The Respite Care Program “is an in-home service delivered by volunteers to dependent, frail, older person living with family or friends. This service substitutes a trained respite care worker for the primary care giver of the elderly person (who is age 60 or above and resides in Montgomery County). The service is for families who have limited resources and no other alternative for relief for the caregiver from the demands of constant caregiving. Matching of volunteers with clients is based on level of need, geographic location and preferences.

“This program provides relief for 3 to 4 hours once a week to relieve the stress that results from caring for the elderly long term. This is a free service to the community; however, families are encouraged to make contributions to the program. “





The Sick: Those in Need of Blood, Plasma, or Marrow Donation


Community Blood Center 349 S. Main Street, Dayton                         461-3450

Donors always needed for whole blood or for plasma. The Community Blood Center serves the needs of all the hospitals in our immediate area and throughout this part of Ohio.

[Mike Kreutzer is a regular donor and can provide further information.]


National Marrow Donor Program 349 S. Main Street, Dayton                         461-3450


Volunteers needed to have their blood tested in order to determine eligibility to be included on a national registry of potential marrow donors.

[Judy and Mike Kreutzer are volunteers and are currently on the national register. They can provide additional information. ]




Youth, At Risk


The After School Homework Club Elton Griffith, Youth Organizer

Family Service Association             222-7481

Aliensheep@hotmail.com www.fsadayton.org

The After School Homework Club is looking for individuals who are interested in one-on-one tutoring, mentoring urban youth, and participating in initiative games.


Building Bridges, Inc. / George Foster Home 2157 Salem Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45409               496-7863

Volunteer Opportunities: Tutoring, work group volunteer, chaperone at Building Bridges Activities.

Minimum age for volunteering: 21                     Time frame desired: Days, Evenings

Day(s) preferred for service: Mon. -Sat.                  One time service opportunities: Yes


Daybreak 50 Theobald Court, Dayton                         461-1000


Daybreak “was established in 1975 as an emergency shelter for runaway and homeless youth. Today, Daybreak remains Montgomery County’s only organization that exists for the sole purpose of providing support services for runaway, homeless and at-risk teens. The caring staff and volunteers at Daybreak provide youth, ages 10 through 17, with a safe place to stay, warm meals, individual, group and family counseling and after-school programs.”


De Paul Center 15 South St. Clair Street, Dayton               222-3661

Transitional housing for at-risk men. We are an educational residency where students must attend school and work part-time. Volunteer opportunities: Light janitorial, bring food from the hotel once a week to our pantry, receptionist at our front desk to cover from Noon-l pm. Now open Fridays from 1-5pm.

Minimum age for volunteering: 18                     Time frame desired: Days

Day(s) preferred for service: Mon. and Fri.             One time service opportunities: Yes


A New Beginning Ministries to Youth 1365 N. Gettysburg Ave., Dayton, Ohio 45427            263-6177

An outreach ministry for the prevention of juvenile delinquency through a Youth Recreation Center with all types of recreational sports activities. Ministry also includes housing and support for adult small business development. Volunteer Opportunities: Office, secretarial work, carpentry, dry wall and finishing, cleaning, general labor, electrical, plumbing, heating

Minimum age for volunteering: 13                                             Time frame desired: Days

Day(s) preferred for service: Mon.-Sat.                                          One time service opportunities: Yes