2005 Baptisms and Anniversaries!

Many thanks to those who participated in these very special events…

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the_family.jpg (61097 bytes)

The extended family!

percy_and_barbara.jpg (44645 bytes)

The proud parents, Percy and Barbara.

proud_family.jpg (55081 bytes)

The twins watch baby brother become baptized.

steve_and_lisa.jpg (36738 bytes)

Steve and Lisa with family.

V-N_1.jpg (41966 bytes)

Mike at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial opening ceremonies!

V-N_2.jpg (43207 bytes)

The Memorial Wreath

V-N_3.jpg (25637 bytes)

Judith honor those who proudly served our country

V-N_4.jpg (30889 bytes)

Salute to the flag

kreutzer-1.jpg (40701 bytes)

Mike celebrates 30 years in the ministry.

kreutzer-2.jpg (47761 bytes)

A closer look!

kreutzer-3.jpg (47847 bytes)

The extended family!

mikes_cake.jpg (35821 bytes)

This takes the cake!