2005 Meet the People of St. Mark’s!

Many thanks to those who participated in preparing for this very special Mother’s Day…

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flower-sun_2005_01.jpg (59621 bytes)

Standing in Line to Place the Flowers

flower-sun_2005_02.jpg (53322 bytes)

…still standing!

flower-sun_2005_03.jpg (68143 bytes)

Hi girls!

flower-sun_2005_04.jpg (58248 bytes)

The acolyte and “master” pose with the cross!

flower-sun_2005_05.jpg (59958 bytes)

St. Mark’s has five (yes, five) sets of twins!

flower-sun_2005_07.jpg (76899 bytes)

Come join us!

flower-sun_2005_10.jpg (40296 bytes)

We see who does all the serving during Coffee Hour!

flower-sun_2005_11.jpg (43677 bytes)

Three very hard-working sisters!

flower-sun_2005_08h.jpg (2376630 bytes)

This is a very HIGH RESOLUTION photograph of the parishioners gathered around the altar.  It may take a long time to load up so only view this image if you are patient or have a high speed connection to the Internet!