2006 December 17 Christmas Pageant!

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  • CHRISTMAS PAGEANT!:  December 17, 2006

SM_Pageant_2006-01r.jpg (65733 bytes)

The angelic choir gathers before the big performance!

SM_Pageant_2006-02r.jpg (66203 bytes)

Smile for the camera!

SM_Pageant_2006-03r.jpg (64204 bytes)

Guess who?


SM_Pageant_2006-04r.jpg (49704 bytes)

The young adults sing praises to the Lord!

SM_Pageant_2006-05r.jpg (48911 bytes)

Angelic voices!

SM_Pageant_2006-06r.jpg (62138 bytes)

The angels sing of Jesus’ birth!

SM_Pageant_2006-07r.jpg (66895 bytes)

An angel Duet!

SM_Pageant_2006-08r.jpg (55748 bytes)

An angel trio!


SM_Pageant_2006-09r.jpg (50125 bytes)

An angel quartet!

SM_Pageant_2006-10r.jpg (77050 bytes)

I know mom is out there somewhere!

SM_Pageant_2006-11r.jpg (78921 bytes)

Did everyone remember their lines?!

SM_Pageant_2006-12r.jpg (67980 bytes)

A whole host of angels!

SM_Pageant_2006-13r.jpg (67456 bytes)

More angelic voices!


SM_Pageant_2006-14r.jpg (59869 bytes)

I see her!

SM_Pageant_2006-15r.jpg (32779 bytes)

Beautiful solo voices fill the church!

SM_Pageant_2006-16r.jpg (62047 bytes)

It’s not time to take a break quite yet!

SM_Pageant_2006-17r.jpg (64691 bytes)

Did you hear the one about the left-handed angel?!

SM_Pageant_2006-18r.jpg (57866 bytes)

I’m tired!


SM_Pageant_2006-19r.jpg (55003 bytes)

More singing!

SM_Pageant_2006-20r.jpg (65268 bytes)

Mary and Joseph make their appearance as an angel watches over them!

SM_Pageant_2006-21r.jpg (54442 bytes)

Still more singing!

SM_Pageant_2006-22r.jpg (61687 bytes)

Mary’s beautiful solo fill the air!


SM_Pageant_2006-23r.jpg (60150 bytes)

Mary and Joseph with Baby Jesus!

SM_Pageant_2006-24r.jpg (57259 bytes)

Mary and Joseph bid farewell at the end of the pageant!