2006 November 5 visit from Bishop Omosebi!

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  • BISHOP OMOSEBI’S VISIT!:  November 5, 2006

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Mike and the newly baptized

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Bishop and Brad

IMG_0972_r.jpg (51049 bytes)

Granddad joins in!


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The proud family!

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Welcome to God’s House!

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Fr. Mike, Bishop Omosebi, and Deacon George

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Diane and Bishop

IMG_0978_r.jpg (42092 bytes)

Diane and Bishop


IMG_0980_r.jpg (45118 bytes)

Bishop Omosebi

IMG_0981_r.jpg (47210 bytes)

Bishop Omosebi and Brad

IMG_0989_r.jpg (46660 bytes)

Coffee Hour!

IMG_0990_r.jpg (41545 bytes)

Ginny busy at work!

IMG_0991_r.jpg (39165 bytes)

Bishop and Carol!


IMG_0992_r.jpg (50643 bytes)

Smile ladies!

IMG_0993_r.jpg (55380 bytes)

More Coffee Hour!





IMG_0995_r.jpg (42783 bytes)

Bishop Omosebi enjoys Coffee Hour!