August 18 St. Mark’s Annual Yard Sale!

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IMG_0012r.jpg (77852 bytes)

Laura and Libby check out the apparel!

IMG_0013r.jpg (71499 bytes)

Jim gives “thumbs up!”

IMG_0014r.jpg (64019 bytes)

Dave, Don, and the two Jims ponder a potential sale!

IMG_0015r.jpg (57599 bytes)

Gwen is ready to sell!

IMG_0016r.jpg (75814 bytes)

Crafts and jewelry for sale!

IMG_0017r.jpg (72349 bytes)

More crafts and jewelry!


IMG_0018r.jpg (79404 bytes)

Anyone for books or video games?

IMG_0019r.jpg (68678 bytes)

Linens for sale!

IMG_0020r.jpg (65976 bytes)

Janet gets the dishes ready!

IMG_0021r.jpg (66851 bytes)

Appliances anyone?!

IMG_0023r.jpg (76287 bytes)

And now for our next trick!  Can you drink coffee and do the hula hoop at the same time???

IMG_0024r.jpg (71072 bytes)

What… more clothes!

IMG_0025r.jpg (74624 bytes)

I’m not sure what to do here!

IMG_0026r.jpg (46529 bytes)

Our main man, Gary, behind the scenes hard at work!

IMG_0027r.jpg (51961 bytes)

Helen, Jen, and Judy all hard at work!

IMG_0028r.jpg (51503 bytes)

Betsy says we’ve got a great deal on this beautiful blanket!

IMG_0029r.jpg (60068 bytes)

The sale is warming up!

IMG_0030r.jpg (77864 bytes)

More people have arrived to do some shopping!

IMG_0031r.jpg (58418 bytes)

Look at the crowds now!

IMG_0032r.jpg (70882 bytes)

Joy asks Hunter and Linda… “Can I please have a hot dog, too?!”

IMG_0033r.jpg (81623 bytes)

Mom’s shopping for little girls’ clothes!


IMG_0034r.jpg (82999 bytes)

I know it’s in here somewhere!

IMG_0035r.jpg (62778 bytes)

Pat is kept busy selling books!

IMG_0036r.jpg (73253 bytes)

Sandy and Joy hard at work!

IMG_0037r.jpg (69520 bytes)

Does that old stereo really work?

IMG_0038r.jpg (67849 bytes)

Have you heard the joke about this church in Dayton that does a yard sale every year??!!

IMG_0039r.jpg (62675 bytes)

Can I touch it???

IMG_0040r.jpg (81206 bytes)

Gwen and Kelcie at work in children’s toys!

IMG_0041r.jpg (75537 bytes)

One size fits all!

IMG_0042r.jpg (76367 bytes)

Don, Jim, and Bill help Dave try on his new motorcycle helmet!


IMG_0043r.jpg (61569 bytes)

Gwen and Kelcie advertise the latest price markdown!


IMG_0044r.jpg (58015 bytes)

More Gwen and Kelcie!

IMG_0045r.jpg (74681 bytes)

The sign says it all!