August 9 Father Cobb’s 85th Birthday Celebration!

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Welcome home Father John Cobb and Happy Birthday No. 85!

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John and Mary!

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The Cobb Family!

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John and Mary with Jen in the background!

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Father Cobb has a nice conversation with Helen!

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The Birthday Cake!


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Father Cobb chats with Leslie and Craig!

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Jim and Joy gather with Father Cobb!

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Laura and Father Cobb have a nice chat together!

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Libby and Daphne meet with George!

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Dave, Chris, and Christine discuss opera! (Dave looks very confused!)

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Janet is delighted to see Father Cobb again!

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Don, Laura, Jim, and Abbey gather for a nice conversation!

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Daphne and Libby share some moments together!

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Father Cobb chats with Carol and Judy!