August 9 St. Mark’s Annual Yard Sale!

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Eric and Heath “electronify” their customers!

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Percy organizes the houseware items!

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Patty, Ginny, and Elizabeth prepare the dishes for sale!

100_1910r.jpg (85040 bytes)

Pat reads something amusing as she rearranges the used books!

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Wow!  Where does all this stuff keep coming from every year?!

100_1912r.jpg (114013 bytes)

Lots and lots of kids clothing!


100_1913r.jpg (74597 bytes)

Don is rarin’ to get started as Dave looks on!

100_1914r.jpg (119018 bytes)

Jim hard at work with another sale: hook, line, and sinker!

100_1915r.jpg (48990 bytes)

Hay, Bill, and Helen take care of adult clothing!

100_1916r.jpg (74518 bytes)

Elizabeth is ready to shop but mom Eva is not so sure!

100_1918r.jpg (120247 bytes)

Gwen and Lauren in children’s toys!

100_1919r.jpg (79934 bytes)

Okay Jim and Dave, quit posing and get to work!

100_1920r.jpg (76379 bytes)

In the distance, what is it?  We can’t be sure!

100_1921r.jpg (101787 bytes)

It’s becoming clearer as we near the site!

100_1922r.jpg (86953 bytes)

Yes, it’s the St. Mark’s Yard Sale squad: Gwen, Kelsie, and Lauren!  Come on in and buy, buy, buy!  It’s all for a very good cause!

100_1923r.jpg (76974 bytes)

Gary serving up the delicious food:  hot dogs, drinks, chips, cookies, and brownies!  It’s making me hungry!


100_1924r.jpg (75734 bytes)

Dave is making a quick sale in the book department!



100_1928Ar.jpg (85602 bytes)

Here’s a group photo of many of the St. Mark’s people who helped to make this event happen!