St. Mark’s 2008 Softball Season

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  • St. Mark’s Softball !!!

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DSC01545r.jpg (63480 bytes)

Dave gets ready to nab one at first base!

DSC01557r.jpg (52869 bytes)

Steve, Reggie, and Rob chase down a fly ball!

DSC01565r.jpg (71807 bytes)

Steve gets another hit!

DSC01593r.jpg (57230 bytes)

Here comes Reggie ready to reach third base!

DSC01594r.jpg (107956 bytes)

Steve hit another big one!

DSC01599r.jpg (101525 bytes)

Kenny says the plate is right here!  Don’t miss it!

DSC02026r.jpg (96705 bytes)

Brian at the plate!

DSC02031r.jpg (65214 bytes)

Tara says “I made it! I made it!”

DSC02033r.jpg (77498 bytes)

Brian, Lauren, and Tony after a hard day on the field!

DSC02040r.jpg (97704 bytes)

And here’s the 2008 team!