August 22 St. Mark’s Annual Yard Sale.

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  • Giving back can build a sense of communion (and be fun at the same time)!!! 

  • Profits are managed by our Parish Action Team and support many worthy causes in and around the Dayton.  In addition, many local area people in need of low cost goods and clothing get their needs met through purchases and donations from our Yard Sale.

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1r.jpg (83240 bytes)

Patty is gearing up!

5r.jpg (71321 bytes)

 Heath thinks the missing part goes right here!

6r.jpg (91172 bytes)

Ginny, and Judy prepare some linens for sale!

8r.jpg (77226 bytes)

Gwen helps with the drinks!

9r.jpg (87135 bytes)

Mary, Pat, and Joyce take care of our literary department!

10r.jpg (93775 bytes)

Mary eyes up her next book!


11r.jpg (70493 bytes)

Don and Ed check out the big ticket items!

13r.jpg (81807 bytes)

The musicians tune up before the big event!

14r.jpg (81597 bytes)

Judy and Jim ponder at all the treasures they have to offer!

16r.jpg (66132 bytes)

Tony and Don discuss sales strategies!

18r.jpg (91997 bytes)

Hey guys! Check out this cool vacuum cleaner!

19r.jpg (94516 bytes)

Another satisfied customer!

21r.jpg (72595 bytes)

Notice how happy Ruby looks counting the profits!

22r.jpg (82859 bytes)

Smilin’ Dave is ready to sell!

25r.jpg (94194 bytes)

Joy and Sandy smile for the camera as they also gear up for the big sale!

27r.jpg (102035 bytes)

Mike is wondering if this would be a good addition for his office!

31r.jpg (53539 bytes)

Mary is also revved up and ready to sell!

32r.jpg (59478 bytes)

Elizabeth wants us to guess what she is hiding between her hands!

33r.jpg (82590 bytes)

With a smile like that, how could you resist buying anything from John!

34r.jpg (84562 bytes)

Ok Judy, let’s not eat up all the profits!

35r.jpg (58579 bytes)

On a clear day you can see St. Mark’s parishioner busy helping others!


36r.jpg (110912 bytes)

Carol and Laura take care of children’s clothing!

38r.jpg (82077 bytes)

George and Tony take a break!

39r.jpg (97829 bytes)

Gary and Judy take care of keeping everyone fed!

40r.jpg (94818 bytes)

Laura gives her customer a high five!

41r.jpg (63870 bytes)

Jim weighs in at the start of the sale!  He’s put on a few extra pounds with that heavy money sack around his waist!

44r.jpg (51855 bytes)

Hay shoots and makes the basket (paper basket that is!).

45r.jpg (46273 bytes)

These two handle our adult clothing department!

47r.jpg (72286 bytes)

A side booth sponsored by the Ohio Benefit Bank!

48r.jpg (55994 bytes)

Eric and Bill are definitely ready!

49r.jpg (74517 bytes)

Want a bite of my hot dog?  Only fifty cents!

50r.jpg (94479 bytes)

Gwen and Kelcie are the Half Price Girls!  They really bring in the customers!

52r.jpg (64015 bytes)

Price is nice, that’s what they say!

53r.jpg (72639 bytes)

I’ll take the other half!

54r.jpg (76507 bytes)

Laura is calling to tell all her friends how successful the sale was!

56r.jpg (68861 bytes)

Mike discusses the Ohio Benefit Bank.


57r.jpg (51365 bytes)

We’re offering a special on this electric grill today just for you!



58r.jpg (89034 bytes)

Ginny and Patty discuss sales strategy!

59r.jpg (58007 bytes)

Bill and Patty are also two of our super sales people!