December 17 Christmas Caroling with St. Helen’s!

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  • The visit by Bishop Price to  St. Mark’s!

  • A number of visitors from St. Georges were confirmed and helped make the Bishop’s visit a huge a success!

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Mike and Michael discuss caroling strategies!

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Mark and Micaela nourish their vocal chords with pizza!

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Let’s eat!

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Some of the St. Helen’s carolers!

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Pizza at St. Helen’s to warm the soul!

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I already know the words to these songs! 

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Don’t be afraid to open the screen door. We don’t sound that bad, do we?

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It’s cold out here!  I can’t wait for the hot chocolate!

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Check out my new flashlight!

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And what do my wandering eyes appear!

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Maybe we need to sing a bit louder!

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There’s safety in numbers!

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Santa is really enjoying the carolers.  He seems to be just glowing!

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Let’s take a break.  This singing is hard work!

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We’re your local carolers from just down the street, and we’ve come tonight to give you a treat!

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Smile for the camera!

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Brr it’s cold!  There are icicles everywhere!

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Some people really like to decorate their home for Christmas!

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This is really a walkie-talkie mitten!

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Patty, Bill, and Mark enjoy their hot chocolate!

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Are there free refills?

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Janet and her crew serve the hot chocolate and goodies after a cold caroling session!


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Don, Bill, Elizabeth, Mark, and Patty had a wonderful time singing Christmas carols

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Mike is all smiles after his caroling session!


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Time to rest and relax after a wonderful and successful evening of caroling!