December 17 St. Mark’s Annual Christmas Project!

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  • The St. Mark’s Annual CHRISTMAS PROJECT!

  • Carol Nancarrow has been the instigator and coordinator of this program for a number of years and it continues to be a huge a success!

  • It provides toys, clothes, and food to a number of needy families in the Dayton Area.

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DSC04660r.jpg (31696 bytes)

Christine, Judy, and Jim in Action!

DSC04661r.jpg (47825 bytes)

Apples and Oranges To Go!

DSC04664r.jpg (79921 bytes)

Let’s see if I can bend over and touch my toes!

DSC04665r.jpg (24644 bytes)

The “Menu!”

DSC04668r.jpg (49499 bytes)

It’s in the bag, Jim!

DSC04669r.jpg (48475 bytes)

Sandy, Wayne, Pat, and Christine keep track of food items!

DSC04670r.jpg (61537 bytes)

The finished product… a box of delicious and nutritious food for a needy family’s Christmas meal! 

DSC04673r.jpg (44395 bytes)

Laura checks off another one!

DSC04674r.jpg (48117 bytes)

Our Treasurer appears to be confused.  Was that canned corn or beans?!

DSC04675r.jpg (48390 bytes)

Carol gives instructions!  Make sure you count out the oranges correctly!

DSC04676r.jpg (32047 bytes)

C’mon Jim, I know you put it in there!

DSC04678r.jpg (45511 bytes)

An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

DSC04679r.jpg (63288 bytes)

Nice catch!

DSC04681r.jpg (66500 bytes)

Now where did I put that turkey?!

DSC04682r.jpg (99396 bytes)

Just toss it in the corner right by the potatoes!


DSC04683r.jpg (57147 bytes)

Load up those groceries!



DSC04684r.jpg (70286 bytes)

Gary and Jim carry a heavy load, ready for final delivery!