January 4 The Nativity Pageant at St. Mark’s.

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  • Our Nativity Pageant

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The action behind the scenes begins!

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Warming up the keys!

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Does it fit OK?

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I can’t decide which costume to wear!

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Let’s try this one on for size!

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I don’t wanna go, Mom!


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Now where did I put that other wig?

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Last minute preparations!

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A one and a two…!

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The angelic cast is serious and ready!

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But let’s have some fun as well!


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Last minute singing practice!

IMG_0794r.jpg (55116 bytes)

Perfect fit!

IMG_0795r.jpg (73378 bytes)

Our beautiful sanctuary is the nativity venue!

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The coach is ready!  I hope you all know your lines by now!

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Here’s part of the cast!


IMG_5010.jpg (71936 bytes)

And some more!

IMG_5011.jpg (74467 bytes)

And more!

IMG_5015.jpg (77089 bytes)

Yet again!

IMG_5022.jpg (69404 bytes)

And again!

IMG_5023.jpg (72311 bytes)

Let’s see who can spell!

IMG_5024.jpg (82730 bytes)

Is this the right way to spell “Epiphany?”

IMG_0811r.jpg (63158 bytes)

Someone really likes to have bold-faced letter “I’s!”

IMG_0813r.jpg (65811 bytes)

I think we’ve got it!  I think we have all learned the true meaning of Epiphany!

IMG_0796r.jpg (61240 bytes)

A closer look at the cast!

IMG_0797r.jpg (51203 bytes)

And the other side!


IMG_0810r.jpg (65965 bytes)

Could these two angels possibly be related???

33r.jpg (37604 bytes)

Two of our youngest angels!

IMG_0807r.jpg (51681 bytes)

Our young angels taking a little break!

IMG_5025.jpg (86402 bytes)

And the entire cast!  A job well done singing praises to the Lord!

IMG_0798r.jpg (56172 bytes)

Speaking of singing!  Let’s tell the world that the Lord is come!


IMG_0801r.jpg (49788 bytes)

More angelic hosts!

IMG_0802r.jpg (68462 bytes)

And more!

IMG_0805r.jpg (59163 bytes)

Haven’t we seen you two before?

IMG_0806r.jpg (57072 bytes)

Still singing!

IMG_0809r.jpg (73997 bytes)

Our older angels make a joyful noise to the Lord!


IMG_5020.jpg (88293 bytes)

Our older angels make a joyful noise to the Lord from a slightly different angle!


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Our very talented reader!


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Our very talented reader!

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Our very talented reader!

IMG_5018.jpg (62787 bytes)

Our very talented reader!

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Our very talented reader!

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Our very talented reader!

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Our very talented reader!


Thanks to our three photographers, Hay, Katherine, and Tony!