June 7 Sunday School Recognition Day and Ice Cream Social.

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  • Our Sunday School Recognition Day

  • AND Ice Cream Social

  • Thanks to Hay and Katherine for such great shots!

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The nursery volunteers take front stage!

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Our new Sunday School Coordinator leads in action!

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Let’s think about how hungry are we anyway?!

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Gary recognizes his students!

IMG_0911r.jpg (57071 bytes)

Yes, we are sitting on the job, but that’s because they told us to!

IMG_0912r.jpg (54010 bytes)

The young Sunday School children receive recognition!


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Gary congratulates Elizabeth!

IMG_0914r.jpg (58526 bytes)

Guess what I’m thinking?!

IMG_0915r.jpg (40036 bytes)

Previous Sunday School Coordinator, Judy, receives a gift for her past services!

IMG_0916r.jpg (69510 bytes)

Carol is delighted with the flowers!

IMG_0917r.jpg (67568 bytes)

Even more flowers for Carol!


IMG_0918r.jpg (68195 bytes)

Thanks to everyone for the nice gifts!

IMG_0919r.jpg (58295 bytes)

Our Sunday School Teachers and Students!

IMG_0920r.jpg (82386 bytes)

Here they are again!

IMG_0922r.jpg (81912 bytes)

Now for the good stuff!

IMG_0923r.jpg (78105 bytes)

Hmm!  I wonder how much this spoon cost?!

IMG_0924r.jpg (52387 bytes)

Whipped cream is good for he soul!

IMG_0925r.jpg (79923 bytes)

Harmonica players just love chocolate!

IMG_0926r.jpg (73324 bytes)

Big sister has an eagle eye when it comes to little sister’s nutrition!

IMG_0927r.jpg (71644 bytes)

Dad’s not going to be left out on this event either!

IMG_0928r.jpg (96109 bytes)

Mmmm!  Grandma’s ready too!

IMG_0929r.jpg (74617 bytes)


I didn’t know assistant rectors had a craving for chocolate whipped cream!

IMG_0930r.jpg (57816 bytes)

Oh such agony!  I can’t decide!  Less filling… Great taste!

IMG_0931r.jpg (82588 bytes)

Ice cream is not just for kids anymore!

IMG_0932r.jpg (116774 bytes)

C’mon Carlie, you can do it!

IMG_0933r.jpg (50085 bytes)

I might have to give up that pacifier if I want some ice cream!

IMG_0934r.jpg (83229 bytes)

If you add just a pinch of chocolate whipped cream it tastes sooo much better ?

IMG_0935r.jpg (110004 bytes)

You put your right foot in… You put your right foot out…!

20r.jpg (121273 bytes)

Let’s not just stand around!  Let’s do something!

IMG_0937r.jpg (92335 bytes)

The ladies are all smiles on such a beautiful day!

IMG_0938r.jpg (129302 bytes)

Don sets the rule for the official Tug of War!

IMG_0939r.jpg (107479 bytes)

The teachers take the rope?

IMG_0940r.jpg (99898 bytes)

And the tugs have begun!  Pull!  Pull!

IMG_0941r.jpg (112438 bytes)

The teachers are struggling against the mighty student team!

IMG_0942r.jpg (104932 bytes)

Pull harder!  We’ll show these teachers what we’re made of!

IMG_0943r.jpg (91784 bytes)

The end is near!  We can’t hold on much longer!

IMG_0944r.jpg (119116 bytes)

The victory pose!

IMG_0945r.jpg (90604 bytes)

You what! Challenge the Vestry!  Now you’re in big trouble!

IMG_0946r.jpg (113143 bytes)

Wow!  Are these St. Mark’s kids strong or what!

IMG_0947r.jpg (110911 bytes)

Anchor Rob is laying down on the job!

IMG_0948r.jpg (116502 bytes)

Now it’s on to the water balloon toss!

IMG_0949r.jpg (104407 bytes)

Water balloons are flying everywhere!

IMG_0950r.jpg (71520 bytes)

Mike and Judy say, “Throw one to me… it’s my turn!”

IMG_0951r.jpg (77282 bytes)

Ha! Ha!

I’m still dry!

IMG_0952r.jpg (83504 bytes)

OK grandma Ginny, give me your curve ball!

28r.jpg (106126 bytes)

This is my “knuckle balloon!”

29r.jpg (109148 bytes)

Yikes!  Do I really have to catch it?

IMG_0953r.jpg (80373 bytes)

This is much easier than pitching for St. Mark’s softball team!

33r.jpg (134781 bytes)

We’re forever blowing bubbles!  Pretty bubbles in the air!

IMG_0954r.jpg (80784 bytes)

Grandpa Bill says, “At the end of the day, it’s all about swings!”