November 29 The Rev Mary Slenski preaching at St. Mark’s

St. Mark’s is blessed to have The Rev. Mary Slenski currently serving as the Assistant to the Rector.  She began her ministry with us in June 2008 as a Deacon.  Then, one year later, she was ordained to the priesthood in June 2009 at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Montgomery, OH.


Mary has been active with many activities at St. Mark’s including supporting a number of Vestry programs, leading various retreats, assisting with inreach and outreach activities, and of course cheering for our softball team!  In addition, she is serving as priest and leading the Holy Eucharist one Sunday each month at Christ Church, Xenia and one Sunday each month at St. Paul’s, Greenville



This photo was taken just after Thanksgiving showing Mary delivering one of her homilies from the pulpit at St. Mark’s.