September 13 Praise and Picnic in the Park.

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  • Praise and Picnic in the Park

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Mary sings the praises of the Lord!

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Our parishioners!

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More parishioners!

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And more parishioners!

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The gospel group “Broken Strings” provides our service music!

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Carolyn and Ed participate in the service!


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The congregation is gathered.

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The congregation is gathered.

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Bill reads one of the scripture lessons.

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Heath, Joyce, and Kendall participate in the service.

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Janet and Madeline hold hands!

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And more parishioners!

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The Reverend Mary!

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Don reads a lesson!

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Tony and Mike get ready to grill!

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Dave and Janet participate in the service!


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Thanks be to God!

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The Reverend Mary!

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Elizabeth and Eva!

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The Rev. Mike and The Rev. Mary!

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Let us pray!

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Don’t forget to wash your hands before you eat!

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The Holy Eucharist!

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Hello Gabe!  Can we see you?

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That’s better!

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The Holy Eucharist!


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The Holy Eucharist!

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The Holy Eucharist concludes!

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TJ, Jenna, and Gabe participate in the service!

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Elizabeth is ready for the picnic!

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Check out my shoe!


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I guess I’ll have to sit down to get a good look!

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Barb and family participate in the service!

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Grandma Janet and Elizabeth!

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Jim and the grill masters!

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More of Jim, Tony, and Mike!




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Finally time to eat!  Everything is delicious!



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I’m full!  What a wonderful service and meal!

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More “Broken Strings”!


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Heath, Joyce, and Kendall!

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More parishioners!

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More “Broken Strings”!

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Mike blesses the teachers!

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Mike blesses the teachers!


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Mike and John have a conversation!

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Did you hear the one about the prophet in the Old Testament?

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Beautiful flowers adorned our picnic site!

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More “Broken Strings”!

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Mike and Tony grill up!


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Mike chats with the musicians!

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Mary ponders in a moment of silence!

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Mike and Mary discuss the lessons!

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Mike giving his sermon!




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Mike looking over the lessons!



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A close-up of the beautiful flowers!