January 31 St. Mark’s Annual Parish Meeting

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  • Our 2010 Annual Parish Meeting

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Mike presents Mary with a gift of appreciation from St. Mark’s for her final official day with us!

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It’s not a breadbox!

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Just what I wanted!  A lovely prayer shawl from St. Mark’s!

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Much like the other parishes where I attended, I will also have special memories about St. Mark’s!

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Our ever official looking Senior Warden, Jim Rudd!

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Jim Rudd presents Jim Pruner with the St. Mark’s Lifetime Service Award!


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There’s a very a long list of ministries and activities that Jim has been involved with over the past 47 years!






(Thanks to Hay for the great photos!)

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A very proud and well-deserved moment!

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St. Mark’s has been my family for the past 47 years!