April 4 Easter Day

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  • Our 2010 10:30 AM Easter Day Service

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The service begins.

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The ushers take in the Easter collection!

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Some of the beautiful Easter flowers!

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It’s CARE House Sunday!

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More Easter flowers!

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Everyone is decked out in their Easter outfits!


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Mike leads the service.

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We worship togehter. 

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We celebrate together

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A special visitor shows up for the youngsters!

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Get ready, get set, Go!


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Let’s find those Easter eggs.

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No giving clues! 

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Look what I found!

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This basket sure is getting heavy!

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I’m still looking!


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Any more this way?

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Smile for the Easter Bunny! 

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The girls are having a great time!

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Sit up nice and straight!

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It’s OK to giggle!


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You are never too young to give thumbs up to the Easter Bunny!

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Let’s eat.  I’m getting hungry after gathering all those eggs! 

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Everybody smile for the camera!  You too Bunny!

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Mom and kids especially like to visit with the Easter Bunny!

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Look to the left and look to the right!


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Don’t be shy!

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What did we say about never being too old to enjoy a visit with the Easter Bunny! 

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Sisters like to visit the Easter Bunny as well.

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The Easter Bunny has some very special visitors!  (Right mom and dad… and sis!)


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Let me explain to you a little Easter Bunny logic!



HeisRisen1r.jpg (50563 bytes)

The Sunday School kids made this diorama of Jesus’ tomb.