January 2 The Nativity Pageant at St. Mark’s

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  • Our Nativity Pageant

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100_2491r.jpg (65336 bytes)

The cast!

100_2492r.jpg (69347 bytes)

The cast is ready to perform!

100_2493r.jpg (77468 bytes)

What’s so funny girls?!

100_2494r.jpg (65697 bytes)

Bunny ears or is it moose ears?!

100_2495r.jpg (69552 bytes)

Time to make funny faces!

100_2496r.jpg (70606 bytes)

What does this look like?!


100_2497r.jpg (59114 bytes)

The angels are smiling at us!

100_2498r.jpg (69403 bytes)

And the little ones too!

100_2499r.jpg (74338 bytes)

A one and a two and a…!

100_2500r.jpg (84083 bytes)

The children sing their praises to the Lord to celebrate his birth!

100_2501r.jpg (68768 bytes)

Thanks Elizabeth for holding the microphone!


100_2502r.jpg (78891 bytes)

You can hear the wonderful voices of our children!

100_2504r.jpg (66768 bytes)

No whispering in the back row please!

100_2505r.jpg (60634 bytes)

This is what an angel looks like close up!

100_2506r.jpg (64680 bytes)

Look mom, I’m smiling because Baby Jesus was born!

1r.jpg (73965 bytes)

Tawiah and Mark relax before the big event!


6r.jpg (74729 bytes)

Ciara and Liam enjoy some sibling moments!

7r.jpg (45898 bytes)

Cheer up girls, nothing to be nervous about!

8r.jpg (34119 bytes)

Jennifer looks very angelic!

14r.jpg (67628 bytes)

What a great looking group!

19r.jpg (63781 bytes)

Mark reads his script!


20r.jpg (61134 bytes)

You can hear the wonderful voices of our children!

21r.jpg (64641 bytes)

OK angels, sing your praises to the Lord!

25r.jpg (47545 bytes)

Now it’s Micaela’s turn to read!

26r.jpg (35957 bytes)

Astrid looks a little worried!

28r.jpg (40412 bytes)

Nice job reading Grace!


30r.jpg (41614 bytes)

Sophie has a lovely voice too!

36r.jpg (42005 bytes)

OK Kings, look sharp!

38r.jpg (57344 bytes)

Now it’s Tawiah’s turn to read.  Good job!

39r.jpg (62738 bytes)

And now the grand finale!