February-April Our Nursery Makeover with its Beautiful Mural is Almost Done!

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  • Our Nursery Makeover!

  • Many, many thanks to Gary, Mary Anna and Stephanie for all their planning and hard work!

  • What a lovely and colorful Nursery we now have for our children!

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DSCF0029r.jpg (30176 bytes)

Eve is still looking for someone!

DSCF0030r.jpg (43157 bytes)

Do you see the little leg on this caterpillar?  God created that too!

DSCF0031r.jpg (44157 bytes)

Hmm…  There’s a lot of pink in that bunny ear!

DSCF0033r.jpg (38321 bytes)

Adam and Eve share their garden of Eden with the animals!

DSCF0034r.jpg (34700 bytes)

Mary Anna busy at work making sunshine!

DSCF0035r.jpg (36972 bytes)

We do fish too!


DSCF0036r.jpg (40321 bytes)

It’s almost done!








The finished photos below are the latest from April, just in time for Easter! 

DSCF0037r.jpg (41054 bytes)

Let me see (or not!)  I think we are still missing some frog eyes!

DSCF0038r.jpg (39975 bytes)

Is that Nemo’s cousin?!

DSC01018r.jpg (34219 bytes)

Adam and Eve up close!

DSC01019r.jpg (30453 bytes)

Do you think Noah will take us aboard!

DSC01020r.jpg (36039 bytes)

Don’t forget us turtles!

DSC01021r.jpg (52863 bytes)

Nemo who???

DSC01022r.jpg (35057 bytes)

Don’t forget us snails, either!

DSC01025r.jpg (28897 bytes)

Do you know my cousin Rocky?


DSC01027r.jpg (44771 bytes)

Whooo did you say you were???

DSC01029r.jpg (38167 bytes)

We’re having a “snoozing” good time! 

DSC01030r.jpg (27819 bytes)

Does my “mane” attraction put you too sleep?

DSC01032r.jpg (46164 bytes)

Don’t bump your head on the ground little caterpillar!