Our Trip to the Holy Land: February 16-26!

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  • Our Trip to the Holy Land!

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000_map-of-Israel-r.jpg (43858 bytes)

Map of Israel. We were transported in a large loop around the country, ending in Jerusalem.

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Welcome to Tel Aviv!

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Inside the Airport!

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Our Palestinian bus driver, Maher!  He did a great job and made our journeys very comfortable.

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This is a view of northern Israel, which is very lush, green, and highly cultivated!

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A view from Dave and Janet’s hotel room looking over the Mediterranean Sea!

100_2296r.jpg (81555 bytes)

Walking along the shoreline just down the street from our hotel!

100_2301r.jpg (102740 bytes)

Some local Jewish markets in Tel Aviv by night!

100_2302r.jpg (73192 bytes)

This dining room was typical in all of our hotels.  The food quality and quantity was wonderful!

100_2304r.jpg (88930 bytes)

Mark and Micaela take a photo of the ancient city of Jaffa on the outskirts of Tel Aviv!

100_2329r.jpg (84976 bytes)

A Roman amphitheater from our stop at Caesarea- Maritima!

100_2333r.jpg (100111 bytes)

This was the only written document outside of the Bible referring to Pontius Pilate !

100_2339r.jpg (78850 bytes)

Here’s Janet at a Roman aqueduct built during the times of King Herod!

100_2344r.jpg (147959 bytes)

This is our very talented Palestinian guide, Baligh, who spoke five languages:  Hebrew, Arabic, English, Greek, and German!

100_2349r.jpg (99241 bytes)

Megiddo, also known as Armageddon has 26 “layers” of different civilizations buried under the surface!

100_2359r.jpg (101252 bytes)

A view of the port city of Haifa in northwest Israel.  It’s the third largest city.

100_2364r.jpg (118784 bytes)

Also in Haifa is the gardens of the Baha’i religion.

100_2373r.jpg (93226 bytes)

At the Church of Mary, churches from all over the world donated pictures.  This is one’s Japanese.

100_2379r.jpg (110210 bytes)

This is the Wedding Church in Cana.  Some couples in our party renewed their wedding vows!

100_2393r.jpg (109116 bytes)

The Greek and Roman ruins in Banais in northern Israel near the Lebanese border.!

100_2408r.jpg (172684 bytes)

We held a Eucharist service at the Church of the Beatitudes!

100_2411r.jpg (132227 bytes)

The Church of the Beatitudes was dedicated to Jesus’ sermon on the mount.!

100_2428r.jpg (125034 bytes)

Olive oil presses at the Church of the Multiplication where Jesus fed the multitude of five thousand!

100_2441r.jpg (146333 bytes)

Capernaum on the Sea of Galilee was where Jesus performed a number of his miracles.!

100_2446r.jpg (102461 bytes)

This is thought to be the synagogue where Jesus studied as a young man.

100_2449r.jpg (137305 bytes)

Ruins of homes in Capernaum where Peter’s mother-in-law lived!

100_2459r.jpg (71220 bytes)

Don and Carol enjoying our boat ride on the Sea of Galilee.!

100_2465r.jpg (142653 bytes)

Traveling south to Yardenit, a baptismal site on the Jordan River, north of Jesus’ actual site.

100_2475r.jpg (95762 bytes)

A Roman bath house at Bet She’ an, the site of many Roman and Byzantine ruins!

100_2484r.jpg (154654 bytes)

On the way to Jericho, a sycamore tree that may have been where Zacchaeus climbed to get a better view of Jesus!

100_2490r.jpg (149176 bytes)

Jericho claims to be the oldest city in the world just celebrating its 10,000th anniversary!

100_2492r.jpg (118758 bytes)

One of Janet’s favorite parts of the trip!  A camel ride around the parking lot!

100_2504r.jpg (76434 bytes)

Qumran, home of the Dead Sea Scrolls!

100_2515r.jpg (97671 bytes)

This is the cave where the largest number of scrolls were found.

100_2522r.jpg (39006 bytes)

Yes, Dave proves it is possible for anyone to float in the Dead Sea!

100_2527r.jpg (76585 bytes)

A view of the Dead Sea area from the hotel.  Note the landscape has gone from green in northern Israel to brown!

100_2529r.jpg (86564 bytes)

Masada: After the first Jewish-Roman war, a site of group suicide by the Jewish army to prevent capture by the Roman.

100_2539r.jpg (68108 bytes)

The ruins at Masada.  These were some of he warehouses for storage of food and goods.

100_2552r.jpg (74870 bytes)

The Masada site was reached by cable car.

100_2559r.jpg (105105 bytes)

At the walls of Bethlehem, which is now a Palestinian governed area of Israel.

100_2564r.jpg (75066 bytes)

Inside the Church of the Nativity a star marks the site where many think Jesus was born!

100_2582r.jpg (72499 bytes)

Inside the Church of the Shepherds at the place where they were visited by the Angels!

100_2587.5_map-of-J_r.jpg (136609 bytes)

A map of Jerusalem showing the four quarters of the Old City: Jewish, Muslim, Armenian, and Christian.

100_2589r.jpg (73028 bytes)

Inside the city through the Dung Gate, one of seven entrances.

100_2593r.jpg (92736 bytes)

The Western or Wailing Wall!  Everyone must have head covering.  Men could borrow hats called yamacas.

100_2597r.jpg (112504 bytes)

Men and women are separated at the Wailing Wall!  This is the women’s side, the smaller of the two.

100_2600r.jpg (105120 bytes)

To enter the Temple Mount, we had to go through a security checkpoint.!

100_2602r.jpg (439333 bytes)

The Muslim Dome of the Rock built over the site of Solomon’s Temple.

100_2613a-r.jpg (120062 bytes)

Our group also walked the 14 Stations of the Cross.

100_2621r.jpg (79861 bytes)

The last stop is the beautiful Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

100_2624r.jpg (154409 bytes)

The opulence of the church was amazing!

100_2632r.jpg (118086 bytes)

The Garden Tomb was thought by many to be the place where Jesus was buried after his crucifixion!

100_2643r.jpg (74986 bytes)

The Chapel of the Ascension was built over the spot where Jesus ascended to heaven.

100_2651r.jpg (123343 bytes)

Inside the courtyard of the Church of the Pater Nostra (Our Father).

100_2657r.jpg (125758 bytes)

The Jewish Cemetery.  It is a common practice to decorate the graves with stones instead of flowers.

100_2665r.jpg (75775 bytes)

The Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus and his disciples prayed together!

100_2667r.jpg (192123 bytes)

It is claimed that some of these olive trees could date back to Jesus time!

100_2675r.jpg (96113 bytes)

Church of All Nations, the place where Jesus prayed before his final arrest!

100_2681r.jpg (147327 bytes)

King David’s tomb was thought to be here!

100_2689r.jpg (127476 bytes)

St. Peter in Gallicantu was the place where Peter denied Jesus three times and then the cock crowed!

100_2697r.jpg (68146 bytes)

The underground cave of Caiaphas where Jesus was held prisoner!

100_2701r.jpg (94813 bytes)

We also dined at a Jewish kibbutz.  The food there was awesome!

100_2702r.jpg (68014 bytes)

The Israel Museum

100_2703r.jpg (109954 bytes)

Building where the Dead Sea Scrolls are kept.  The spraying water on the roof keeps the building cool.

100_2705r.jpg (127498 bytes)

A 50-to-1 scale model of Jerusalem as it appeared around 70 AD.

100_2716r.jpg (55124 bytes)

On many Jewish doors is mounted a “mezusah,” which acts as a guardian.

100_2724r.jpg (122897 bytes)

A view of some houses from the top of the wall around the Old City.

100_2730r.jpg (88944 bytes)

St. George’s Episcopal Cathedral in the northern suburbs of Jerusalem 

100_2734r.jpg (63047 bytes)

St. George’s is an Arabic speaking congregation.  Here is the hymn board!

100_2738r.jpg (86584 bytes)

Here’s a list of the past and present priests serving at St. George’s.

100_2965r.jpg (93290 bytes)

We say goodbye to our travel-mates!  One other travel coordinator we had was Jevonka, who was Croatian.



100_2971r.jpg (102595 bytes)

On our last free day we visited the King David Hotel, where many famous world figures have stayed.



100_2977r.jpg (81194 bytes)

We also visited the local YMCA and traveled to the top of the bell tower.  This is the beautiful lobby.